Along with other left-wing political organizations, the Libertarian Communist Union has chosen to be part of a unitary approach to defend public freedoms in the face of the authoritarian and reactionary strategy applied by Macronian power in response to social mobilizations.

If the UCL made this choice, it is out of a sense of priorities. The two laws on ” separatism ” and ” global security ” cement this strategy at work for several decades. Faced with a serious economic and social health crisis, the state chooses the balance of power with the popular classes, not with the capitalists. We did not expect a different attitude from the authorities and we do not underestimate the avenue thus offered to the fascist forces.

We know that it is up to us, at the base, to build the necessary solidarity and popular resistance. And we know that for that, unitary approaches are more assets than obstacles.

The ” venom of racism ” of which the text we have signed speaks is an increasingly raw reality: its first victims are the youth and undocumented workers, populations of lower-income neighborhoods, particularly those who have immigrated or come from immigration, slum dwellers, people of Muslim faith or assigned as such …

A campaign driven from the highest peak in the state
The inquisitorial trials in ” Islamo-leftism ” in which the power and its most reactionary ministers (Blanquer, Darmanin, Vidal) have launched contribute to this Islamophobic and racist strategy aimed at stigmatizing and discriminating against a part of the French population and having for effect of dividing the popular classes and those who seek to defend equality and emancipation.

This real campaign, completely linked to that against the so-called “ separatism ”, launched from the highest summit of the State and complacently relayed in many mass media, reminds us that the legacy of colonial racism continues to plague our country.

In this context, it is fundamental to build broad responses: it is in this sense that the UCL calls for the march of March 20 against police violence and racism with the groups of the families of the victims and with the collectives of without. -papiers and the Solidarity March. This is also why the UCL calls for taking part in the day of mobilization against Islamophobia of March 21 called by the Common Front against Islamophobia.

As the unitary text says: ” we affirm our support for the collectives and associations which campaign with constancy in this field “.

Anti-racist mobilization on the weekend of March 20-21
The weekend of March 20 and 21 has to be a massive anti-racist weekend.

The “ comprehensive security ” law is an extremely serious threat to public and democratic freedoms. Make no mistake, this authoritarian strategy assumed by the State aims first and foremost to hamper mass mobilizations such as strikes against labor laws, those for the defense of pensions, demonstrations of yellow vests or those against police violence. summer, and to give carte blanche to the forces of state repression to subdue them with the greatest violence.

The UCL and its activists are part of the mobilizations spurred by the Stop Global Security Law coordination and we consider it necessary to pursue and amplify them as well as to make them converge with the mobilizations against the “ separatism ” law . The proposal for a “ major street initiative for freedoms ” in the spring goes in this direction.

Strengthen collective, associative and trade union checks and balances
We consider it, not only necessary, but really essential to build the response to the layoffs plans and the attacks against the workers.

It also means anchoring the mobilizations in the popular classes as well as in the workplace: and this the social movement, its associations, collectives and unions, is the most and the best capable of this today and political organizations cannot and will not. will have to replace it.

In the period we are going through, the UCL therefore calls as a priority to build and strengthen the tools of struggle that are associations, collectives, unions which are so many checks and balances.

There are strikes and struggles: they are a determining element of resistance to power and of the self-defense of our class.

It is today, in unity and in struggles, that the response is being built and the landmarks of popular power are posed.

Libertarian Communist Union, March 15, 2021