t is always the madness of grandeur at the direction of the Post Office, which is now targeting the health and dependency market. And as it is done by crushing the employees, a first strike, on May 18, revealed that the fire is smoldering under the embers.

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, the La Poste group and its shareholders (the Caisse des Dépôts and the State) have decided to change the paradigm of the company with the “  strategic plan 2030 ”: goodbye public service, already far after forty years of rampant privatization, welcome to a classic multinational company interested in profit alone. Because it is indeed the project which takes shape behind the liberal newspeak, with blows of hashtags and digitization.

All the services of the Post Office are concerned: abandonment of mail delivery on D + 1, closure of hundreds of post offices, a bank like any other that wants to fire the poorest, etc.

New fad of the boss, Philippe Wahl: the health and dependency market. Cynically, the latter is placed as a bulwark against the Gafam, while the entry of the Post into this sector is an attack on the public health system: the population will still pay for more and more expensive services and less and less. less reimbursed.

It is from the base that anger has materialized
Although 40 % of postal workers are civil servants, they have had no increase in their basic salary for over ten years. As for that of private-law employees, during the same period, it increased by barely 15 euros, while tens of thousands of jobs were destroyed. The wave of suicides did not serve as a lesson, and working conditions deteriorated. The icing on the cake: a zero incentive, based on accounting sleight of hand to pay nothing while the executing executives will share a piece of the pie that can reach tens of thousands of euros. .

It is therefore not surprising that the postal workers shouted basta. And it is from the base that the anger materialized. Inter-union groups have been set up, including with the CFDT, in certain regions such as Brittany. Because if the departmental unions have felt the anger mounting, the national inter-union has more than struggled to give a semblance of impetus, despite a desire to maintain unity. SUD-PTT quickly launched a national strike call on May 18, which was then taken up by the CGT-PTT.

The day of May 18 was followed enough to highlight the social conflict at La Poste. It thus opens up prospects for mobilization from the month of June, provided that the next date is well planned upstream, in the workplace, with colleagues. It is a call to strike that we have not seen for a long time and the struggle unionism must not miss this opportunity, in particular the revolutionary militants who work at the Post Office. Because it is on these bases that we will be able to imagine and forge a socialized position at the service of the population.

Hugo (UCL Orleans)

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Source: Awsm.nz