The government draws a new repressive measure with the health pass. Unable to organize a vaccination really open to all, he continues his authoritarian logic targeting the most precarious. If we are opposed to these violent and liberticidal measures, we can only denounce the porosities of the movement against the sanitary pass with the far right and conspiracy. To stem the pandemic, let us demand the lifting of patents and socialize the means of producing vaccines.

The health pass, a repressive and liberticidal measure
Since Emmanuel Macron’s last announcements on the health situation, a large protest movement against the implementation of the health pass and compulsory vaccination is emerging. These mobilizations are further proof of the government’s inability to manage the pandemic and its consequences. More than a year after the first confinement, no lesson seems to have been learned. Worse still, the only responses still considered by the government are repression and do everything to ” return to normal ” as quickly as possible. This return to forced march being done once again, without taking into account the dangerousness of the fourth wave that we are currently facing.

The health pass is a new weapon in the liberticidal arsenal set up by the State. These measures will once again affect the most precarious people, residents of lower-income neighborhoods and undocumented or homeless people, for whom access to vaccination was already difficult. This is not likely to improve with the shortages. The State makes employees bear responsibility by threatening them with dismissal and the restrictive measures provided for are a blank check offered to the bourgeoisie. They allow it to maintain ever more pressure on workers who will not have the opportunity to be vaccinated before the implementation of this pass. The risks of dismissal and increased job insecurity are real and dramatic,

For accessibility of vaccines and broad vaccination
Beyond their liberticidal aspect, restrictive measures are counterproductive in the short term. They only reinforce the distrust of the population vis-à-vis the vaccine. Confidence is already largely undermined by the chain of contradictory injunctions and absurd measures put in place for a year and a half. What we need is not repressive and brutal measures, but a general vaccination campaign, accompanied by measures such as days off granted to allow vaccination.

If it is important to generalize vaccination to all, it is because it is for the moment the only effective means + (currently available) to contain the pandemic, drastically reducing the number of potential deaths in the face of to the proliferation of the Delta variant, as can be seen in the countries which are predominantly vaccinated. But this can only be envisaged with an immediate lifting of patents, the requisition and socialization of the health system as a whole and of vaccine production tools.

Nevertheless, if in view of all these elements, it may appear legitimate for part of the population to mobilize against a deadly and ever more oppressive agenda on the part of the government, we cannot ignore and ignore that these mobilizations are also the place of expression of a part of the extreme right and of the anti-science, anti-vaccine and globally conspiratorial movements.

We strongly condemn the references made to the Holocaust and the anti-Semitic parallels that are visible in these demonstrations, just as we condemn the characterization of “ health apartheid ” concerning this health pass and see them for what they are, the expression of a dangerous porosity between the extreme right and this movement which is being built. In reality, it is the capitalists who are depriving the majority of the world of access to this essential tool that is the vaccine in the perspective of stemming this pandemic on the scale of the planet. The same goes for the resumption of feminist slogans wrongly used (such as ” my body = my choice ”) And references to sexual violence and rape regarding vaccination. We repeat, vaccination is not the matter of an individual choice, but a collective necessity, that of the will to protect oneself and to protect others (in particular people who cannot be vaccinated) and we do not subscribe in no case to validist visions which minimize the impact and deaths of this virus.

If we therefore hear these mobilizations, we believe that it is essential and vital to mobilize ourselves beyond the defense of individual freedoms. Today, it is a question of building a broad response, against State authoritarianism, but also against the planned future reforms which will only accentuate economic inequalities (unemployment and retirement) and collectively build a model of a society that allows us to face effectively, collectively and in solidarity with the social and health situation we are going through.

Libertarian Communist Union, July 23, 2021