The government intends to impose its Universal National Service project on all young people. This will consist of three stages: a stay of cohesion, a mission of general interest and the possibility of a voluntary engagement.

Down with the barracks of the youth!
Under the pretext of cohesion, the government plans to lock up 15-year-olds supervised by soldiers for two weeks. On the program: flag raising, bellowed Marseillaise every morning, obstacle course, forced march, self-defense lessons …

No to militarist and nationalist propaganda!
This stay is part of a real program of crane stuffing planned from kindergarten until the end of compulsory education. It is supposed to be the keystone.

On the back of education!
As all this will cost money and the soldiers do not wish to pay, it was decided to take the money (2 or 3 billion per year according to certainly underestimated forecasts) from the national education budget. .

Against the return of the Compulsory Labor Service!
There is no such thing as compulsory volunteer engagement! What the ministers provide is indeed a period of compulsory unpaid work that does not open up any rights. In addition, it is imposed on minors sometimes under 16 years old.

A youth submission operation!
It is about inculcating a spirit of obedience to the rules, an absolute respect for the norms… Rules and norms which, for the most part, aim only to perpetuate the inequalities and injustices inherent in the current organization of the company. This willingness to submit also involves reinforced control, in particular through the registration of all young people aged 16 to 25; we know how this kind of file can be used! Willingness to submit, finally, because it recognizes as “commitment” of young people only state systems.

No to the SNU! Repeal of the SNU! Insubordination! Objection! Desertion!

Collective 34 No to the SNU