About fifty organizations of the social and trade union movement, including a good number in the health and chemical sectors, are launching a petition appeal, warmly supported by the Libertarian Communist Union.

Patents on vaccines: stop!
All authorized vaccines must become “ common goods ” of humanity!
Requisition of companies for the production of vaccines and anti-Covid treatments!
Citizen control over agreements, patents, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, for safe and well-tested vaccines and treatments!
Faced with Covid-19, the immediate urgency is for prevention, built with the population, for strengthening the health system (beds, staff, etc.), and not for fear of the ineffective gendarme. Vaccination is a central means to stop the pandemic.

Yet this campaign is stalling, the government and public authorities are not able to meet the needs, for lack of anticipation, but above all, because pharmaceutical companies reserve the possibility of making gigantic profits thanks to patents on vaccines. authorized. This logic deprives the most deprived and the poorest countries of vaccines, at the risk of the emergence of even more aggressive variants.

Let us act together to impose:
– The suspension of the application of patents on vaccines and anti-Covid medical treatments, for the benefit of pooling of knowledge, technologies and the multiplication of their transfers, know-how, increase in the number of producers, on a European and global scale, under the aegis of the WHO.
– May all authorized vaccines become common goods of humanity and be accessible to all populations of the world.
– The requisition of pharmaceutical companies for the production of these vaccines and medical treatments according to the standards of safety and quality required, to supply in sufficient quantity and free of charge to the people of the whole world and to avoid shortages.
– Citizen control and total transparency on agreements, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, for safe and well-tested vaccines, as well as the protection of health data. The citizens’ public money cannot be used to pay twice, during development and then during production and marketing, pharmaceutical companies and thus fuel their profits.
– A cooperative global vaccination emergency plan, within the framework of the common global public health policy under the aegis of the WHO.

We support the European citizens’ initiative to petition the European Commission: No profit on the pandemic .


Source: Awsm.nz