Following the attack on March 21 by the extreme right against the Black Plume bookstore in Lyon, a large and democratic demonstration was called this Saturday April 3 by a large number of progressive organizations. We just learned it was banned by the prefecture on Wednesday, 1 st of April.

The day before, Wednesday March 31, UCL Lyon, in a meeting with the Prefecture, had accepted at the latter’s request to modify the route of the event.

The state therefore leaves a commando group of about fifty fascists to assemble in order to attack the militants, then lets them set out again together and cross the city but prevents unitary gatherings legally deposited in the prefecture. The violation of the right to demonstrate is characterized.

But even more, by this ban, the message of the State is clear: it protects the fascists and legitimizes their violence ! If we are delighted with the dissolution of Génération Identitaire, we are not fooled by the hypocrisy of this government which by its actions and its policies only reinforces the reaction camp.

Our only response, perhaps unified, in the face of an extreme right ever more present in the media, in the polls and in the streets. In the face of fascism, let’s organize our solidarity !

Libertarian Communist Union, April 2, 2020