On the evening of Monday November 22, two SUD-rail trade unionists, including an activist from the Libertarian Communist Union, were assaulted by a band of fascists while they were seated on a terrace in Paris.

After attacking the Parisian march against sexual and gender-based violence last Saturday, the far right once again illustrated itself by attacking two trade unionists on Monday on the grounds that one of them, quietly sitting on the terrace, was wearing an anti-fascist sweatshirt. Sufficient excuse to insult, strike and threaten death, 7 against 2. Fortunately for this time, the two activists are doing well.

At the end of October, this time it was two young CGT trade unionists who were violently attacked in Albi by three fascists. The increase in attacks perpetrated by the far right in recent times is the logical result of the political and media climate, saturated with fascist, racist and sexist discourse.

The Libertarian Communist Union gives its full support to the two comrades railroad workers attacked Monday evening and reaffirms its solidarity with all the victims of fascist violence.

Libertarian Communist Union, November 25, 2021.


Source: Awsm.nz