Read on Paris-Luttes.Info: The CRA of Mesnil on fire, 7 rebels on trial: support for the “rebellion in meeting”

On Friday March 5, 7 people were on trial for the fire in two buildings of the Mesnil-Amelot administrative detention center and for rebellion in a meeting . Call to come and support them at the Meaux tribunal de grande instance from 12:30 p.m.

For several months, the situation in administrative detention centers (CRAs, prisons for undocumented migrants) has been even more rotten than usual. The centers are armored, every day people locked up risk falling ill, while medical monitoring is non-existent. If fewer people are currently deported, it is in particular thanks to massive resistance practices: to be deported to a certain number of countries, you have to do a covid test, which detainees often refuse.

To punish those who do not agree to be tested, the cops almost systematically take them into custody, and judges often sentence them to prison terms. It is also more and more frequent that a person who has spent 90 days in detention (the legal maximum) is taken into custody, sentenced to a new removal measure, then placed in detention again: in the ARC du Mesnil-Amelot, prisoners are redoubling their 90 days . Six months locked up, so as not to have the “right” papers and to refuse to be deported!

To fight against this situation, Wednesday, January 20, the detainees of the CRA 3 of Mesnil-Amelot revolted . Two buildings burnt down! The cops had to call for reinforcements, some prisoners were hospitalized and a dozen others were arrested. In total, 44 places in cells are unusable today: bravo to them!

Of course, these revolts also brought their share of repression from the cops and the state: in Mesnil-Amelot, following the fire, 6 people are now in pre-trial detention and one person is under judicial control in awaiting a trial which will take place on March 5. 7 people will appear for rebellion in a meeting , including 4 also for destruction of property by fire, an explosive substance or a means likely to create a danger for people .

Let us stand in solidarity with the rebellious prisoners!

To show that the machine to expel and lock up cannot turn in peace,
to show the rebels that they are not alone in the face of repression,
because the destruction of the CRAs is the only possible demand, and the revolt of the prisoners the only effective way to close buildings,

We call for a rally in front of the Meaux TGI on March 5 at 12:30 p.m. for the trial of the 7 rebels of Mesnil-Amelot.

Let us be numerous and determined!