In a global context, particularly conducive to authoritarian speeches, in recent days we have seen an increase in violence emanating from far-right groups in Lyon, Orléans, Clermont-Ferrand, Montpellier, Strasbourg… Make no mistake about it, politics the security, repressive and fractionalist government, which prefers for its part to fight the supposed danger Islamo-leftism in the universities or inclusive writing at school, is directly guilty of letting these fascist thugs act with impunity.

They are not mistaken: two texts, an open letter to the government of the far-right “ union ” “ France Police ”, and a new military forum in “ Valeurs Actuelles ” call for or shake up the prospect of an intervention of the army, threaten to take initiatives in front of the imminence according to them of ” civil war “, civil war which the fascists hope not to prevent, but to provoke.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, hatred of the “ gaucho ”, find fertile ground to distill their hatred, whether in the mass media in prime time or in the streets, near our demonstrations and occupied places.

As soon as we give up control of the street, it is taken over by the upholders of moral order who have multiplied the gatherings this Saturday from Paris, to Orléans via Auray: Rassemblement national, Les Patriotes, L’Action française , Secular response, Republican Resistance, Volunteers for France… Despite their differences, all these organizations have only one real project: to make us bow our heads and impose a project of violent, racist, sexist and unequal society… for the benefit of the capitalists.

The current weakness of our camp’s response is also to be questioned. The unitary arc for the national demonstration against the extreme right in Lyon (postponed to May 29) shows, however, that a radical and broad response is possible. Unionist, anti-capitalist, autonomous and libertarian activists are privileged targets of those who seek to divide the proletariat.

In the face of this growing threat, we can no longer afford to move forward in dispersed order. All dominations and all attempts to divide our class must be fought. Against the far right, we must more than ever be united and stand up in the street, but also by proposing an alternative social project to capitalism, a libertarian, united and egalitarian project.

Against the extreme right, whether or not it is in government, anti-fascists for as long as it takes !

Libertarian Communist Union, May 11, 2021