This May 19 was organized a ” citizens ‘ march ” in front of the National Assembly, in support of the police, at the call of their main representative unions. This march to which were eager to respond present, like Gérard Darmanin, the Minister of the Interior, many political figures, from Jordan Bardella (RN) to Olivier Faure (PS), Yannick Jadot (EELV ) and Fabien Roussel (PCF) was in fact both a political rally and a show of force.

Behind the slogan of ” protecting those who protect the Republic “, it was necessary to understand ” protect those who protect the State and Capital “. This is why the representatives of the interests of the bourgeoisie were all at attention, facing this masquerade of popular demonstration, a veritable populist, authoritarian and liberticidal demonstration. Faced with a symbol of representative democracy, this message was loud and clear. A police republic, this is what the demonstrators were asking for and what their supporters applauded.

Obviously these advocates of the Republic had nothing to say about the systematic use of the police to increasingly repress, criminalize, prohibit the demonstrations of the social camp. Nothing on the almost absolute impunity of the police officers and gendarmes who insult, humiliate, strike, mutilate or kill with the complicit support of their hierarchy. Nothing on Macron’s perfectly assumed security steering wheel with Darmanin in charge: law on separatism, comprehensive security law and soon yet another anti-terrorist law.

These demonstrations are not new, but they have tended to multiply since 2016 when we saw armed police parade at night in the streets of Paris, Bordeaux, Le Mans or Marseille. After the two military columns published in Current values, it is today a new marker of the rampant fascization of society. The implicit message is clear, the sensible armed and trained units, it seems to protect us, seek to impose on us their vision of the world: a world where social protest will be prohibited. Now we ignore all pretense, far from the unifying slogan “ protect and serve ” now is “ impose and punish ”.

The police are not and never will be the solution to the social ills that afflict us. As long as a system that feeds on misery and exploitation prevails, we will never be at peace, and the escalation of security will not change anything.

UCL supports all victims of police violence and will continue to fight for a society free from the State, Capital and their police.

We manage our security ourselves, for popular self-defense.

Libertarian Communist Union, May 24, 2021