The decision taken in the Council of Ministers on Wednesday March 3, 2021 to dissolve the neofascist organization Génération Identitaire is certainly good news, but the anti-fascist struggle is not limited to the opportunism of the government. If this announcement will probably have the effect of disrupting the racist small group for a while, the demonstration has been made on numerous occasions of the ineffectiveness of the dissolutions of the extreme right groups in fighting against the acceptance and promotion of their ideas. in the public space.

Dissolve and after ?
This is not the first time that the French state has dissolved an extreme right-wing organization. Génération identitaire was itself the heir to Radical Unity, which was dissolved in 2002. There is no shortage of examples of political careers within institutional right-wing parties among the former leaders or activists of small far-right groups which have now been dissolved. .

Among the best known are Patrick Devedjian, Gérard Longuet and Alain Madelin, all having been in charge of a ministry when they had been part of the Western movement (itself resulting from the dissolution of the Paris section of the Federation des Étudiants Nationalistes), known as the FÉN for its multiple armed attacks against leftist organizations before and during May 68.

The extreme right knows how to change packaging without ever touching its recipes. Generation Identity is no more, but its activists are still there and their ideas are very present in the speeches and actions of the leaders of electoral parties.

Opportunism and fantasy of the barrage vote
If Macron and Darmanin have decided to put an end to Generation Identity, it is not because their ideas are dangerous for bourgeois democracy. The proximity of Macron and his ministers to ideas or even far-right personalities no longer needs to be demonstrated [ 1 ] .

This dissolution is beautiful and well the fruit of the Macronian strategy which would like to replay the dam card at LePen. Macron thus intends to have it both ways: eyeing the nationalist and racist electorate by popularizing his theories [ 2 ] and posing as the only alternative to a victory for the RN in the presidential elections of 2022.

Fascist ideas are fought in the streets, not in the Elysée lounges or at the ballot box
This dissolution will allow a respite for the social movement. But we have nothing to expect from a state which administratively attacks the extreme right while implementing part of its program.

The anti-fascist struggle does not take place at the Élysée Palace. It must become more part of social movements, so that the bourgeoisie cannot use it and therefore retain its power of domination over society.

Libertarian Communist Union on March 11, 2021