Demonstration in tribute to Clément Méric in Paris, June 5, 2021 Photo credit 📸 @parislovetrash (Instagram)

Friday June 4, the Assize Court of Evry sentenced on appeal the two former neo-Nazi skinheads for the death of our comrade Clément Méric to eight and five years of imprisonment. These sentences, less severe than at first instance, nevertheless confirmed that it was the fascist thugs who were at the origin of the attack and delivered the first blows.

This trial and its verdict oppose an unqualified denial of the thesis of the supporters of the assassins, including their ex-mentor, Serge Ayoub, alias Batskin (former charismatic leader of neo-Nazi Parisian skinheads), and widely relayed in the far-right media. and beyond: it was not a simple brawl between two rival gangs that would have turned out badly. The assassins acted consciously and out of political hatred.

This aggression is characteristic of the true nature of the extreme right and of the substance of its political project: to establish by violence or through the ballot box, a racist, patriarchal and authoritarian order. We see it every day with the increase in racist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic attacks against LGBTI people but also against all those who fight for a more just world. Clément Méric, an activist of Solidaires Etudiant-es and the Paris-Banlieue Antifascist Action, was a designated enemy, like all those who carry a political project of solidarity and social emancipation.

The far right feeds on the social inequalities of this capitalist system in order to prosper. Fighting one requires fighting the other. Faced with the extreme right, our response must be firm, united and without compromise. We are already congratulating ourselves on the success of the Parisian demonstration on June 5 and call on everyone to further amplify the mobilization for freedoms and against far-right ideas on June 12 throughout the territory and on July 3 and 4 in Perpignan during of the congress of the National Assembly.

Antifascists, everywhere, all the time.

Ucl, June 6, 2021