This Friday, September 24, the 130 strikers of the Arc-en-Ciel company at the Jussieu de Sorbonne university site were able to return to work with their heads held high after an 8-day strike.

In particular, they obtained: stopping shift changes and keeping up-to-date working hours (while management wanted to split the schedules into two sections: 6 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.), payment for additional hours and regularization of contracts (which should normally come under the simple application of labor law), the departure of the head of operations authoritarian and brutal, the payment of half of the days of strike.

In addition, the mobility clause has been suspended: transfers outside the Jussieu site can only be done with the agreement of the agent. This clause is a real weapon for cleaning bosses: recalcitrant employees can indeed have their employment contract changed to be deployed in the morning at one end of Île-de-France, at noon. at another end, in the evening still elsewhere, etc. without the journey times being counted as working time. Suffice to say that it is almost a license to dismiss for these bosses.

It is understandable why Gabriel Attal, government spokesperson, praised the collective agreement for cleaning up on the FĂȘte de l’HumanitĂ© 2021. The suspension of this mobility clause for strikers is therefore a great victory, which will make it possible to s’ organize over a longer period of time without the permanent threat of mutations.

Because there are still reasons to fight. The workload remains too heavy. Commitments have been made by management to identify part-time agents and offer them full-time positions. We will have to enforce them.

This strike did not come out of nowhere. The university’s CGT has been defending employees against various bosses for several years, in connection with the cleaning collective of the departmental union and the local union.

Things accelerated with the change of market from Labrenne to Arc-en-Ciel in February. Labrenne tried to swindle the employees on the payment of leave not taken. An action at the Labrenne head office in June by around ten employees with their support made it possible to pay this leave for all of them. They understood that collective action paid off. The appalling working conditions this summer, then the job changes and the increase in the workload, which had no other purpose than to push employees to resign, completed the fire. .

The strike was total, 100% of the staff were on strike. They themselves decided on the continuation of their movement and their demands in general assemblies. Support for the strike was very important. First within the university: most of the staff were appalled to discover that non-compliance with labor law was commonplace on campus. Many university agents signed the petition, went on the picket line, and even sent motions voted on in lab GA to the university management.

Several unions from the district also came to provide support. This culminated on Tuesday, September 21 with 300 people at the support rally, including several political figures and the chambermaids of the Ibis Batignolles hotel. In total, nearly € 30,000 was collected through the strike fund, which should pay for the remaining strike days.

There is a major stake today for the union movement to organize the most precarious employees, in particular the feminized sectors which are among the most precarious. This will only be possible if the trade union organizations of struggle put the means (in material terms, in terms of union time) to the construction of our class organizations in feminized sectors. Words are not enough. This victory goes in this direction. Let us make it known to build others.

Union Communiste Librtaire, September 30, 2021.


Source: Awsm.nz