YES TO VOLUNTARY VACCINATION! —- NO TO THE HEALTH PASS! —- NO TO ANTI-SOCIAL MEASURES! —- Since the beginning of 2020, the world has been going through an unprecedented health crisis. This crisis reveals and aggravates many unacceptable aspects of the capitalist system: the globalised economy, the uncontrolled industrialisation of agri-food production, the absence or loss of power of public services, particularly in the field of health and education, the privatisation of public health issues, various forms of discrimination, etc. In this unprecedented and anxiety-provoking context, the benchmarks can easily be blurred. A comprehensive analysis of the situation is essential if this crisis is to become an opportunity to improve our world in a revolutionary way. —- Yes to free and free vaccines for all! —- Let us remember first of all that covid-19 does not strike blindly: the victims are more numerous in poorer countries, the victims are more numerous in the working classes, the victims are more numerous among the fragile or weakened populations. The priority is to stop the circulation of the virus causing this disease. Vaccines seem to be the most effective means of doing this to date. Everyone must have free access to it, regardless of their country or social conditions.
The final stages of vaccine development have been possible in an exceptionally short time with public money: it is unacceptable for private companies to enrich themselves disproportionately by marketing
them. Moreover, as long as the virus continues to circulate strongly, new forms can emerge and make existing vaccination coverage in economically privileged countries unnecessary. As internationalists, we demand the lifting of patents and free access to the knowledge necessary for the production of vaccines for the entire world population. We also demand the free dissemination of factual information about vaccines, their functioning and their possible undesirable side effects.
No to health coping and authoritarian excesses!

Vaccination is necessary but must be voluntary, with the informed consent of
individuals. It is a question of collective freedom, not of individual freedom.
In France, the government has put in place a vaccination obligation that does not say its name: the daily lives of workers who are reluctant have simply made it
There are many reasons for the reluctance.
The lack of legitimacy and credibility of the French Government is undoubtedly one of the main ones: how can we trust those who solemnly stated that wearing a mask was useless before making it compulsory on pain of a fine? How can we trust those who now allow the abandonment of masks in a closed environment for vaccinated people when the vaccine does not prevent them from carrying the virus?
How can we trust those who exempt members of parliament or the repressive forces of the State from the health pass?
How can we trust those who continue to cut beds in hospitals despite the health crisis?… In order to win greater support, it might have been wise to facilitate access to vaccines based on conventional technologies rather than mRNA.
No to anti-social
The mobilisation against the health pass must not make us lose sight of what is happening in parallel: in his speech on 12 July, the President of the Republic announced that he was going to relaunch the pension reform and the reform of unemployment
It also opens up the possibility of contract suspensions, salary suspensions and even, in the long term, dismissals.
Caregivers, having faced this crisis in trying and degraded conditions, risk being among the first victims of these unacceptable sanctions.
He confirms the directions taken since the beginning of his mandate to give priority to the financial interests of his class, regardless of the price to be paid by
By claiming that it is possible to earn a better living by staying at home than by working, he is repeating an old lie that has been repeated many times by his administration, and has been denied many
times. By stigmatising the supposed idleness of jobless people, it is unfolding its neoliberal propaganda in order to cleave the population and prepare the ground for further attacks on workers’ rights. It must be constantly recalled that fraud in social benefits and of the order of 1 billion euros while the detected tax fraud is more than 13 billion euros (it is estimated between 80 and 100 billion euros). At the same time, the non-use of social aid is in the order of EUR 10 billion!
Pension contributions and unemployment contributions are not charges: they constitute a socialised or deferred salary, paid by companies and workers so that the latter can legitimately benefit from them when they need
The increase in working hours is a consequence of the reduction in working hours, and above all it must not lead to longer working
hours! Productivity has continued to rise since the Second World War, workers have continued to produce more and more wealth: it is time for them to reap the benefits!
No compromise with the extreme
In France, although it begins in the summer, the movement against the health pass has mobilized
strongly. As at the beginning of the Yellow Vest movement, it is the spontaneous expression of an anger that is generally un-organized and relatively un-politicized beyond the rejection of the policy pursued by the current government. The protesters are a group with heterogeneous demands, ranging from anti-vaccine conspiracy to opposition to the ongoing security drift. These are people who seek to understand but who are confronted with intentional misinformation. A boulevard for ideological drifts! The extreme right is rushing into it under different avatars. It would be a serious mistake to leave the field open to sovereignist, securityist, anti-Semitic and anti-immigration groups. That would be too good an opportunity for them to gain legitimacy and visibility that they find it very difficult to obtain.
Our place, as anarcho-syndicalists and revolutionary trade unionists of the CNT, is on the streets alongside workers to defend their interests and
Finally, references to the Nazi regime or the Holocaust to describe the current situation are unacceptable.
Even if an authoritarian drift is under way, even if the entire population is not confronted in the same way with police and legal violence, it would be an odious insult to the victims of deportation to claim that we are reliving what they experienced. Such speeches play into the hands of the negationist currents that never cease to deny or relativize the crimes committed by the Nazis and their accomplices, including the Vichy regime.
* The CNT calls for mobilization against the implementation of the health pass, against the multiplication of police controls in our daily lives, against the generalized access to confidential data that must be protected by medical secrecy.

* The CNT calls for a real public hospital service and for a massive recruitment plan for nursing staff with the status of civil servants and the socialization of private
* The CNT calls for more than ever to be mobilised for the withdrawal of the various pension and unemployment insurance
* The CNT calls not to leave the street to the extreme right and to fight it regardless of the form in which it is