Putting an end to a false suspense maintained for months by the media circus, Eric Zemmour formalized his candidacy for the presidential election of 2022, through a video published on social networks then an invitation with great fanfare to the 8 p.m. news on TF1 . Against the far right, let’s mobilize massively in Paris on December 5 !

In a video with a staging reminiscent of Charles de Gaulle during the appeal of June 18, 1940 to conceal his sympathies for the Vichy regime , Éric Zemmour unfolds his traditional reactionary speech. Fantasizing about a perfect France through its conquering and dominating history, we first find there its usual identity obsessions: uninhibited racism, Islamophobia, the theory of ” great replacement “. The fascist candidate is also seeking credibility by timidly tackling questions of the economy and unemployment, but we will not be mistaken: the candidate Zemmour is an unwavering ally of the bourgeoisie, which propelled and financed him.

Received later on the set of TF1 in prime-time, Zemmour tries to pass for a normal and demonized candidate. Without being really jostled on the merits, he will even try to make us forget his sexism and his LGBTIphobia by affirming that ” [his] candidacy is the one which best defends women ” ! The Zemmour candidacy is thus the fruit of decades of trivialization of the far right in the media and political space. Throughout his career, Eric Zemmour has himself greatly participated in the omnipresence of identity and security themes in public space.

Faced with this growing fascist threat, we must establish a unitary and popular balance of power , in our counter-powers as in the street. As in Marseille, Zemmour must be free, wherever he goes ! It is in this dynamic that the Libertarian Communist Union calls, with the Young Guard, Solidaires and the CGT , as well as dozens of other organizations of the social movement, for a demonstration on Sunday December 5 at 1 p.m., boulevard Barbès in Paris. : against the Zemmour meeting, all together silence the far right !

Libertarian Communist Union on 1 st December 2021


Source: Awsm.nz