September 21, 2021
From The Anarchist Library

Women have become more degenerated through altruism than
men on account of their different conception of the meaning of
altruism. Although the creed of the male altruist professedly is “to
make others happy first,” he insists upon it that his food is always
properly cooked, his house and children must be clean, his wife is
expected to submit to his marital rights, etc., etc. A male altruist
has drawn up a set oflaws, called by him marital duties, legalized
by himself, which secure his comfort and ease. These duties must
be fulfilled by the wife at all cost, no matter whether she is made
unhappy or loses her health by them. The wife through her lack
of time to think for herself believes this set of household laws or
duties must be strictly obeyed in order to be a true woman. The
consequence is the noticeable ugliness and bad health of female
married altruists. Their habit of ceaseless giving or slaving makes
them a disgrace to altruism. If it were a virtue to give profusely
like the sun, as the Bible teaches, to give would make the giver
more and more beautiful. If a “virtue” degenerates physically and
mentally, it is a vice which should be shunned.

Where is salvation found for woman or is she destined to re
main a contemptible slave? Disappointed altruists who desire to
be healthy, beautiful, happy and wise will find in egoism their
only salvation, because it teaches self-knowledge. Woman will
learn to get hold of herself, to be her own guide. When she be
comes clear-sighted through a rational way of living, she will her
self discern where her duties lie. The duties of an egoistic woman
lie in the same direction as those of an egoistic man, namely, first
to make herself happy and secondly to make others happy. No
egoistic woman will give a gifi: unless she has received one of equal
value. She will make no one happy unless she is made happy like
wise. This just and wise doctrine will act as a beautifier on women
of all ages. The young will be made more beautiful and attractive
and those advanced in years will be rejuvenated by it.

To an ambitious woman egoism offers a special inducement,
because the knowledge how best to supply the needs of her body
will rapidly develop her already great intuitive powers, in conse
quence of which she will be able to outwit any intellectual giant
of a blunted psychic nature.