November 25, 2020
From Derry Anarchists (Ireland)

A solidarity action at Free Derry Wall took place this evening as an international gesture of solidarity with the creation of Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle. Despite being under constant pressure from authorities in Seattle and those in the Whitehouse following daily Black Lives Matters protests, many seek to continue with CHAZ to see it develop into something more sustainable.
Over the last number of weeks of its existence, many have equated CHAZ with similar revolutionary periods of historical significance from the Paris Commune, the Communes of revolutionary Spain and that of the events which took place here during Free Derry.
What is for sure is that the act itself has opened up room for free debate and discussion which has assisted the current climate of relvot taking place across north America. The possibilities of future changes within society and how this can happen directly as communities organise at grassroots level and building horizontally.
Again today’s action is a solidarity call in support of the people of Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone from Free Derry!