Free Mubarak Bala

Humanists around the world are gravely concerned for Mubarak Bala the President of the Humanist Society of Nigeria. He has been detained in Nigeria since 28 April 2020. Humanist International has been working to obtain his release and the 22 February was nominated as a world-wide day of action as this day marks 300 days of detention and uncertainty as to any progress with his case. Below is a timeline of these bleak 300 days for Mubarak, his wife, and his almost-year-old son. There are two videos outlining the situation and can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/humanistsinternational and also our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HumanistNZ

Humanists around the world have been observing 300 seconds of silence to mark #300DaysWithoutMubarak

28 April 2020 Day 0 – Mubarak arrested and detained
29 April Day 1 – Mubarak is not informed of grounds for detention & transferred to Kano State (fiercely Islamic)
30 April Day 2 – State Police confirm Mubarak was transferred to Kano
2 May Day 4 – Held incommunicado in an unknown location; lawyers are refused request to meet Mubarak
6 May Day 8 – formally detained under suspicion of violating the Cybercrimes Act
8 May Day 10 – Lawyers file fundamental rights case seeking release
24 June Day 57 – magistrate grants legal team the right to meet with Mubarak
15 July Day 78 – after significant delays court order for legal team to meet Mubarak
16 July Day 79 – Police Commissioner fails to comply on a technicality, Courts go into recess until October
6 August Day 100 – Nigerian poet and humanist Wole Soyinka writes a letter of solidarity
2 October Day 157 – false rumours circulate that Mubarak has been killed
Early October a member of the legal team meets Mubarak and hears that Mubarak is receiving death threats from inmates
15 October Day 170 – Fundamental Rights Petition again postponed. Humanist community took action
19 October Day 174 – hearing takes place, judge adjourns until 10 December for judgement
14 November Day 200 – 200 Days with no charge. Humanists call for his release
20 November Day 206 – legal team fears a secret trial in Kano
21 December Day 237 – Federal High Court rules detention is illegal and orders release on bail
8 January 2021 Day 255 – Humanist Society of Scotland awards Mubarak with Gordon Ross Humanist of the Year Award
27 January Day 274 – legal team file second Fundamental Rights Petition and seek his relocation to Abuja for fairer trial
2 February Day 280 – Humanist International issues statement on Mubarak’s relocation to neutral territory
22 February Day 300 – Mubarak Bala’s 300th day in arbitrary detention


Source: Awsm.nz