November 21, 2020
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

This year, the Canadian Labour International Film Festival is moving online. As part of that, there’ll be a free showing of the 2020 award winners on November 22nd, starting at 6:30pm UK time.

Films included are:

1 min comedy from Canada and Director Philip UK Yang

This film is a short comedy sketch of what happens when Asians audition.

7 min documentary from Brazil and Director Dani Drumond

“Men here can take two weeks. In a month, they won’t be here anymore”. In a wooden shed on the east side of São Paulo, 16 women work sorting recycling material in Filadelphia Cooperative. A subject inevitably comes up: why do men give up so early on work in the cooperative?

52 min documentary from Canada and Director Peter Findlay

On the anniversary of General Motors’ 100th year of manufacturing vehicles in Oshawa, Canada, the…