June 9, 2021
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While these events are scheduled to take place in France, the climate they aim to denounce are far-reaching ones, not limited to this country. Others elsewhere may wish to consider similar actions on that day or on another, as an ongoing, international but locally-structured movement elsewhere.

12 juin

Marching for our FREEDOMS
Against Extreme Far-Right Ideas

Saturday June 12 2021 
Full Information on mobilizations

On www.marchedeslibertes.fr

Along with other media, Kedistan magazine has signed the appeal to demonstrations in France on June 12 2021 “For Freedoms, Against Extreme Far-Right Ideas”.

This support is in the very logic of our existence and validates all of our commitments concerning our privileged treatment of topics related to the Middle-East and beyond. The constant upsurges of excluding nationalisms, warlike identitarian indrawings,of sovereignties serving as disguises for Nation-States furbishing weapons for destructive national growths in competition instead of breaking with the capitalistic financiarization leading humanity to its ruin, all this is redolent of an ideology  of which the previous century experienced the consequences.

True, History does not repeat itself, but the accumulation of similar causes produces similar effects.

In this race at ideological one-upmanship with the far-right, France is speeding ahead in joining a number of European countries where notions of the need for “strong leadership” in times of “insecurity” and the “falling apart of values and of identity” supposedly resulting from an opening out on the world, are at the public forefront, or already exercising power.

This ideology which serves as the matrix for every form of fascism is presented as providing solutions to economic woes as well as resolving social crises, when all of these are generated by the successive global crises of capitalism. It treats the world ecological crisis due to climactic change as a simple “problem” technology can resolve, and considers it more as holding back growth as a simple consequence of “globalism”. Although it is nothing but the tail end of  the neo-liberal comet that provided the prosperous days of dictatorships on the South-American continent, this neo-fascism presents itself as the pseudo-renewal of the old world, requiring strong leadership and strong States, nations welded around a strong identity, while wishing to trust the economies to the “market” in a more “sovereign” framework than that provided by the financiarized capitalist globalization.

This manifests itself as a will to rein in a number of social issues. The proposed New Order is a carbon copy of the old in which patriarchy dominates, gender discriminations are everywhere , human rights are scorned by  a racism upheld as a duty of assimilation subjected to one and only national narrative, in an old colonialist reflex.

We are well aware of how these ideologies were recycled in the Middle-East, of the wars they generated and go on generating, of the syntheses being realized with radical religious ideologies in processes aimed at maintaining and perennizing power structures.

So when the media cup overflows and spills over into sickening, nauseating shows, when the countervailing forces supposed to take them to task collaborate in the process, when tired political institutions and systems spin in the void and produce “language elements” and “sound bites” instead of common sense, among other things, it is more than time to react and, mostly to demonstrate that, even if in the minority at the moment, humanist thought still exists in the face of the prevailing growth of rot.

All this may seem like grandiloquence in the face of an evolving reality. But words are often all that is left in a mouth before a brown and obscure power comes to apply the muzzle.

Here are more such words which constitute the terms of the unitarian appeal:


For several months now, we have been aware of an alarming political and social climate.

Alliances with the far-right or the adoption of its ideas are no longer considered as forbidden. Racist and sexist discourses and actions proliferate at work and in daily settings. Attacks against freedoms and social rights are in serious increase. In this political, economic, social and sanitary context, injustices explode and generate strong social misery.

Several freedom-destroying laws are setting up an authoritarian society based on surveillance and control, one that would preclude informing on police violence, already much too prevalent. Moreover, if some of these laws stigmatize a part of the population based on its religion, others find themselves targeted because of their activism.

As signatories to the appeal for freedoms and against the deadly ideas of the far-right, we all feel the urgent need to build a strong and unitarian response in the form of an alliance for freedoms, for work and for  a sustainable future.

Facing this climate of hatred, racist and destructive of individual and collective freedoms, we have decided to collectively organize on Saturday June 12 a first great national day of demonstrations and mobilizations to take place at the local level.

See www.marchedeslibertes.fr for the list of first signatories and where you can support this appeal and consult all the listed local initiatives.

Translation by RenĂ©e Lucie Bourges
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