December 6, 2021
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

From the picket lines

Zero for Conduct

The below is written by an ACG member that has taken part in the most recent round of UCU strike action – three days of strike action from 1st-3rd December and ongoing action short of a strike.

It has been a very long 18 months since our branch was last out on strike in March 2020. While there have been many changes in daily life over that time one thing that has not changed are the profound problems in higher education. In fact most the changes that have occurred at our university have exacerbated the existing problems. Workloads that were already excessive have increased even further with “hybrid” teaching methods and more online teaching. In addition, in our branch, like many others, there are workers threatened with redundancy.With workers exhausted – mentally, physically and emotionally – it was felt by some members that getting over the 50% ballot threshold, let…

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