September 12, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

       Two events that have been prominent in our mainstream media recently have been the Afghanistan withdrawal and the American 9/11 revenge attack. These two events have had our political ballerinas spouting sound bites, hand-wringing, finger pointing and the usual flag waving, while spewing out patriotism, that poison that leads to fascism and war. Of course we know that 99% of all of that media bubble gum and popcorn is pure unadulterated bullshit.
        With that little comment I thought I would share these two videos with you. Thanks Loam for the links.


No, I shall not die for the fluttering flag,
if truth be known, ’tis nothing but a multi-coloured rag
held aloft by some foolish hand
inciting worker and peasant to kill
on some green and wooded hill,
peasant and worker from some other land.
Nor shall I shed blood for the fluttering rag
that brings out fools to stand and brag
of brutal deeds painted grand,
deeds where rustic and craftsman lie so still
killed by my brothers’ misguided hand.
No allegiance have I for the Nation
this man made autocratic creation
that divides my brothers in a world so small,
binds us to a country’s cause, right or wrong,
bids us follow its drum, sing its song,
then sheds our blood in some border brawl.
No, I’ll be no slave to flag or nation,
have no ear for power oration,
though its iron heel is on my breast,
my back feels its leather thong,
at patriotism’s barracoon, I’ll be no guest.

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