August 10, 2021
From Stand Up To Racism (UK)

Racism in football is a product of racism in society.

The racist abuse Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho have received since the end of the Euro 2020 Final, along with the violence and abuse by a minority of racist England fans towards African, Caribbean and Asian England fans, Italy and Denmark supporters is a shocking reminder of the levels of racism which currently exist.


Marcus Rashford said on Instagram that he was “overwhelmed, thankful and lost for words” of the inspiring event at the Rashford  mural organised by Manchester Stand Up To Racism.

The overwhelming support for Rashford, Saka and Sancho show that the majority abhor this racism.

As Gary Neville and Tyrone Mings have pointed out, racism starts from the top.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson failed to condemn the booing of England footballers taking the knee and MPs such as Home Secretary Priti Patel, Lee Anderson and Brendan Clarke-Smith who attacked England for taking the knee.

Tyrone Mings was right when he tweeted to Home Secretary Priti Patel:

This is why we need an anti racist movement which mobilises the anti-racist majority in society against racism coming from the top.

Over the coming weeks and months, we want to build our campaigning work to:

  • Challenge Government racism and denial of institutional racism through the CRED Report
  • Campaign for Instagram and other social media platforms to ban people who engage in racist abuse and implement measures preventing racism in the first place, and for the police to arrest and charge people for racist crimes committed at matches and on social media.
  • Call on FIFA, UEFA and FA to ban from football matches those that commit violent hate crimes at matches and on social media. 
  • Work with fan groups & others to support to all teams taking the knee in domestic and international football competitions next season, and organise events in solidarity.
  • Campaign against Government policies aimed at whipping up racism and attacking migrant rights, including the new Asylum Bill.
  • Mobilise the majority of society against the far-right and their racist agenda wherever they raise their head.

We can only do this with your support. Please give generously to help us reach our target, and share this fundraiser with your friends.