On Friday 27th, the Green Anti-Capitalist Front (GAF) locked-down the London Stock Exchange in a demonstration against the power and wealth of the City of London.

Beginning at 2:30pm, demonstrators met at Bank station, and were quickly joined by City of London police, who harassed and provoked the crowd from the onset. Demonstrators held the line, refusing to talk with the police, and moving in strong formation towards the Stock Exchange. The cops, not knowing the direction of the demonstration, grew increasingly hostile.

On reaching the Stock Exchange, demonstrators flash-occupied the building in an angry and joyful show of fierce resistance, music, discussions and chanting a plenty. Of course, the police were violent, repeatedly barging into and threatening to arrest people. Four arrests were made.
The rally was held to show that power and wealth is not invulnerable, that the only thing maintaining this system is the complacency of those who run it.

In the words of GAF:

“If you’re pissed off, if you’re done with powerful, rich people exploiting you – getting richer while you toil away for fuck all – then join us. Message our page. Come to our events. Stand with us to show that this is our world, the people’s world.
This is only the beginning.” – GAF

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