May 22, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        So the bombing and killing has stopped for the moment, but the people of Gaza were not subject to this brutal bombardment from Israel as a one off, they are subjected to a constant savagery from the Israeli military on a daily basis, as are all the Palestinian people who are under the apartheid thumb of the Israeli Zionist state. The fight to free the Palestinian people from the vicious grip and violent whims of the Zionist state of Israel must continue. A stop to the overwhelming military power of the Zionists being unleashed on the people of Palestine must be permanent. The pressure must continue to highlight the true savagery of the Israeli Zionist state and bring justice to the people of Palestine.  

A call for solidarity for the people of Palestine.

Stop the War Coalition



         Saturday’s national march in solidarity with Palestine is to go ahead despite the ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel.
        The bombs may have stopped but the brutal occupation, siege and ethnic cleansing continues. We are marching tomorrow in solidarity with the Palestinian people.
       We will be demanding an end to the UK’s complicity in Israel’s actions.
Boris Johnson expresses his ‘deep concern’ yet happily sells Israel the weapons it uses to kill innocent Palestinians.
       That’s why we must all be out on the streets of London this Saturday to pressure our government to take concrete action to end it’s support for Israel’s apartheid regime.
       We can’t stop just because Israel has temporarily stopped bombing Gaza. We must campaign and protest until the Palestinian people enjoy what is their birth right: freedom, justice and equality in their historic homeland.

Join us today. Help us by tweeting and sharing on social media #UK4Palestine

       Finally, organising demonstrations costs money and at Stop the War we rely solely on membership contributions and donations to support our campaigning. Can you help support our work?

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