After yesterday we were able to announce the good news of the founding of our new local group in Leipzig, our organization has the next welcome update today: In the past two days, March 20th and 21st, we are the anarcho-communist platform met for our fourth Federation Congress.

Due to the current circumstances, which are characterized by the corona pandemic and massive government restrictions, unlike at previous congresses, it was unfortunately not possible for us to meet in presence this time. Instead, we organized the congress online via telephone and video conferences. Although this of course could not compensate for the lack of direct encounters and direct exchange among comrades, the feeling of being close to one another was present at least to a limited extent.

This fourth congress was very broad in terms of topics. After a short opening speech and the reading of a few greetings that reached us from all over the world (more on this below), the question was, among other things, how we can expand our previous practice in the social movements of the wage-dependent class, how we network with others Group in German-speaking countries and how we can put our recently developed awareness concept for the federation into practice. We succeeded in clearing up ambiguities in all areas and common answers were found to many open questions.

Theoretical progress was also made: our internal committee on climate change presented the results so far in the elaboration of our theory in the field of ecology and for discussion. Another working group discussed the organization’s perspective on the corona pandemic. In both cases, the great value of a supraregional anarchist organization was once again evident: bringing together a wide variety of people from all corners of the German-speaking area, who each bring their own perspective to the mutual exchange and thus enrich the discussion.

All in all, despite the lack of direct contact, it was a successful congress that brought us all closer together and motivated us to do our best in the next six months to build up the organization and to interfere in the local social struggles.

Also motivating: All the kind greetings and greetings that we received from our comrades all over the world. Here is just an example of the message that we received from Greece from our comrades of Αναρχική Ομοσπονδία (Anarchist Federation):

Dear comrades from the platform,

On behalf of the Anarchist Federation from Greece, we greet you at your 4th Federation Congress and hope for some fruitful political processes that will help your struggle, our common struggle.

From the beginning we saw the establishment of your organization as a positive and necessary step for the outcome of the social and class struggles and the anarchist-communist political intervention in a social formation that is at the heart of European capitalism.

In several months of working with you in the context of international anarchist coordination, we have identified our common political origins and views. The coherent and systematic political cooperation of the anarchist communists and the internationalist connection of their struggles is a necessary prerequisite for strengthening our influence in the working class and for promoting their struggles. We therefore rate the cooperation with the platform and the other anarchist-communist organizations that make up the international anarchist coordination as positive.

Now that states are launching capitalist reconstruction and massive, harsh attacks on the oppressed and exploited, and trying to carry the burdens of the capitalist crisis and the Covid-19 crisis on our backs, we must resolutely and persistently keep the pulse of the needs of the people on their feet Feeling workers and people from below and directing all our efforts towards reorganizing, broadening and intensifying social and class resistance.

Social necessity must guide our actions. Our responsibilities are diverse. But from the first moment of our political organization we have consciously accepted that the road we have to go is hard and difficult. But there is no other way to social emancipation and class emancipation than the global social revolution.

Comrades, we assure you that we will walk this path together until the achievement of universal justice, for which we fight, until we together build a libertarian communist society on an international scale.

With comradely greetings,
Αναρχική Ομοσπονδία – Anarchist Federation

We send our words of thanks back to Greece and also to all other friendly organizations who sent us their warm greetings on the occasion of the Federation Congress. Your solidarity donates courage, strength and confidence for the coming battles! Long live unlimited solidarity!

We continue to face difficult times overshadowed by the pandemic, the countless deaths and government interference in our lives. But we know that there is no reason to despair and withdraw into the social isolation into which this system is only too happy to drive us in order to prevent us from defending ourselves against its unreasonable demands. It is all the more a reason that we unite, that we organize and that we do what we can to build the organization. It is our common tool that connects our actions and gives them a common direction. If you recognize yourself in our goals, write to us and come to the platform too. Build the organization together with us!

Only together can we come closer to our goal – a domination-free, classless society. Let’s do it! Let us move forward together – always asking, but always together!