The fifth federation congress of the anarcho-communist platform took place in the Ruhr metropolis of Dortmund from September 10th to 12th. The congress thus returned to the location of the very first platform congress after the last federation congresses in Trier, Berlin and online.

Various key topics could be discussed during the three well-filled days of the congress, to which delegates and members of all local groups of the platform traveled. For example, there were working groups on the federation’s perspective on the battlefields of anti-fascism and trade union work. In addition, a whole day was used to deal with acute questions from the practice of the local groups and the structure of the federation. We have come much closer to drawing up our public policy program. And the systematic feminist reflection on the federation structures that began last year was continued with an evaluation of the work of the last six months. The discussion culture was always characterized by mutual respect and the shared awareness of

We spent the evenings in a cozy atmosphere and having relaxed conversations with one another. Previous contacts and friendships could be intensified again over the course of the weekend, but many new contacts were also made. We attach enormous importance to these experiences, because they weld us together as revolutionaries: inside and motivate us to put our shared vision into practice in the struggles from below.

The many greetings that we received from various parts of the world from friendly organizations of our current were also motivating. At this point the greetings from our French and Belgian comrades in the Union Communiste Libertaire ( UCL ) and our Latin American comrades in the Latin American Anarchist Coordination ( CALA ) are documented:

“Dear comrade: inside,

We warmly greet you to your official founding congress! We are happy to see that you have grown since 2019, and we hope that this Congress will strengthen you even more.
We know that you now have five local groups, in just two years of construction this seems to be a very good sign for the future and shows that your work is on a good foundation. In a context where most European organizations are struggling to renew and grow, this is a strong signal that you are sending out that we hope will help us strengthen our entire current! We are happy that we can work with you on international issues, and we also really appreciate the work you are doing on the video and graphics level (with beautiful stickers!), Which seems to be more than important to us at the moment!

In these difficult times, which are marked by pandemics, increasing fascism and racism, ecological upheavals and the withdrawal of the rights of women and gender minorities, we want to be by your side more than ever in the fight for the emancipation of our class. We agree that it is important to intervene within the social movements and the opposing forces that are the unions and federations of the specific struggles, but also that it is sometimes difficult to figure out how to intervene. You will undoubtedly succeed.

As the beating heart of our current in Germany, your organization and your dynamism are also a great source of hope for the rebuilding of a real libertarian communist international in Europe. We look forward to seeing you in real life and, if possible, in other groups on our network.

Long live free communism! Long live your organization!

L’Union Communiste Libertaire (France and Belgium) ”

“The Latin American Anarchist Coordination would like to congratulate the comrades of the platform on their congress and we hope that it will be a useful, thoughtful and constructive moment for all of you.

At a difficult moment that the oppressed people of this world are going through, the news of the building of an anarchist political organization and the certainty that we are comrades in this project, this idea, allies in building a new world must be celebrated , motivates us and becomes fuel for the struggles and for the resistance and solidarity between people from different regions.

We are present in many parts of the world and we will be in many more. This is a fruit of our work, our political articulation, coordination and our collective construction.

South America, Central and North America, Asia, Oceania, Africa, Middle East and Europe. We are part of the history of the struggles from below, in every little part of the world.

A big hug to all of you!
Fight! Build up! Counter-power from below!
Up with those who fight!

Anarchist Federation of Uruguay (fAu)
Anarchist Federation of Rosario ( FAR )
Brazilian Anarchist Coordination ( CAB ) ”

A new name
With this congress we were finally able to put a long-cherished goal into practice. For a long time we have considered the suffix “anarcho-communist organization” to be out of date in view of the development of the platform into a federation, in which the local groups represent the basis of work and decisions. With the end of this congress we will therefore appear at all levels as “the platform – anarcho-communist federation”. Even if it may seem like a small step, as an anarchist: inside it carries with it an important, historical meaning for us. With this step we are proud to be able to connect to historical traditions and continuities of anarchism.
In the course of this change, our logo has also received a little refresh.

All in all, we can look back on an exhausting but successful fifth federation congress, which strengthens our structure and motivates and enables us to intensify the work for the self-organization of the oppressed and the build-up of countervailing power from below in the coming months and years. This cannot be separated from the further development of our federation and the expansion of our anchoring in even more cities and regions.

In this sense:
Long live the anarcho-communist federation! Long live the platform! Moving forward together to libertarian communism!

Source: Awsm.nz