On Friday 13th August food delivery riders from delivery companies including Lieferando, Wolt and Gorillas came together to protest against union busting and precarious working conditions. Together they marched to the offices of each company to make their voices heard and to prove that they will not be intimidated by management.

Delivery riders across companies face precarious contracts, repression and firing for union activities, unpaid wages and wage cuts. In response riders have been developing different organising strategies, through online chats, offline meetups, works council elections, blockades and protests. Most recently on September 20th Gorillas riders took the company to court to contest the legality of continuously hiring new employees on 1 year temporary contracts.

We interviewed a few food delivery riders on Friday 13th to ask why they were protesting, here are some quotes from the video:

“Contracts are only a year long, temporary, the probation period is six months, and anyone who criticises the company gets fired”

“Every single month there are pay discrepencies”

“Some of them don’t get paid for several months”

“(Wolt) Riders are getting 20% less of their salary on average”

“The most important thing is to get as many people on board as possible”

“If you are interested it’s a great experience and you feel a lot of solidarity and meet a lot of like-minded people, so get involved”



Source: Awsm.nz