In the current labor dispute at the “Gorillas” delivery service, which the Gorillas Worker Collective is waging with the support of other (grassroots) unions in Berlin, the company management launched a new attack yesterday on the fighting: After individual workers who complained about poor working conditions, were fired, Gorillas yesterday issued dismissals against several hundred employees. The layoffs were explicitly aimed at the workers who are currently fighting, who have blocked department stores all over Berlin in the past few days. This morning it was also announced that the company management had recruited strike breakers through an employment agency in order to be able to resume work.

We would like to express our determined solidarity with the fighting and fired workers among gorillas! The struggle for better and, above all, safer working conditions is legitimate. That the bosses try to break the fight with layoffs and strikebreakers was predictable, but it is still a bloody mess!

All of this shows once again: There will never be good, safe and dignified work in a system in which the bosses and the constraints of the market are in power. That is why we need a militant, comprehensive and permanent trade union organization in the factories that can defend the interests of the workers. This system does not give us anything, let’s fight for it!

SolidaritÀt mit den gefeuerten Arbeiter:innen bei Gorillas!

Source: Awsm.nz