March 12, 2021
From Act For Freedom

via:sansnom Translated by Act for freedom now!
Flensburg (Schleswig-Holstein): gentrification loses vehicles
French translation by Chronik, 21 February 2021
(SHZ). Sunday evening around 8pm, a service car of the Flensburg hotel investor Jan Duschkewitz went up in flames in Holsteingang near the old grammar school.
Jan Duschkewitz is an investor in the hotly contested station hotel. Autonomists have announced that for every tree felled, a vehicle would be set on fire.
In January various vehicles of Duschkewitz’s company had already been damaged. His company, as well as the establishment of his co-investor, Ralf Hansen, are currently under police protection.

Recklinghausen (Rhénanie-du-Nord-Westphalie) : three cop cars in flames
French translation by Chronik, 25 February 2021
(Recklinghauser Zeitung). It was precisely in the fire brigade yard south of Recklinghausen that three police cars burned down early Thursday morning. This is where the vehicles of the south police station are parked outside working hours. The damage is estimated at 120,000 euros. At this stage of the investigation, police believe it was arson. State security is in charge of investigations

Berlin : Polish embassy vehicle set on fire
French translation by Chronik, 25 February 2021
(final excerpt). It makes sense for us to point to the different actors of neo-liberal and conservative politics through various forms of action, and give solidarity to the many groups and self-organized protests in their struggles.
We must fight this struggle ourselves, no government or any other state institution will take it from us. To demonstrate that there are always possibilities, precisely beyond this legality that produces inequality, discrimination and oppression, we set fire to a car belonging to the Embassy of Poland in the night of February 23.
We chose this objective because we wanted to draw attention to the fact that Julia Przyłębska, important co-responsible for the tightening of the abortion law [recently promulgated in Poland], has a direct link with the Polish embassy in Berlin. We hope this signal will reach her and that she will see clearly that her policies have real consequences also for her, as for each person and institution taking part in the attack on self-governing, feminist and radical left structures.
Against this patriarchal state of affairs!
Offensive feminism remains essential!

Lübeck (Schleswig-Holstein) : paint and hammer in solidarity against a permanence of the  SPD
French translation by Chronik, 26 February 2021
In the night from 25 to 26 February we paid a visit to the SPD premises of 51 burgstraße in Lübeck and attacked them with paint and hammers.
We seized the night to smash with hammers and mark with paint the SPD building in Lübeck, in memory of liebig34 and wanting to defend rigaer94. There are many reasons for that and others had already gone before to express their solidarity with the comrades of the BaWa in Flensbourg [wasteland occupied against the construction of a luxury hotel] with a tag on the window.
SPD is one of the main responsible for the fact that our comrades in the rigaer94 are being threatened again. Expect a break-in and possible expulsion by the cops. Our attack is a proposal to not wait for their probable assault any longer, but strike as from now.
The party offices of the SPD, the Linken and the Greens are everywhere. Let’s say it clearly together: if you evict and destroy our homes and our projects, we will destroy yours, whether in Berlin, Lübeck or anywhere else.
Complicity and love for our comrades in rigaer94.
Long live anarchy
[In Berlin, le Bucht, one of the latest self-organised camps (Wagenplatz of vehicles and tents), that of Rummelsburg cove near Ostkreuz station, was evicted on February 6 2021 by about a hundred cops. As an immediate reaction several attacks took place: stoning of the Lichtenberg district town hall on one side, or in the corner of the evicted wasteland: several Miles car-sharing and luxury cars damaged / sabotage of excavators on the wasteland behind the cove / destruction of the windows of a savings bank branch / fixed barricades blocking the main street with the very banners that had adorned the wasteland. Offices of the social-democratic party SPD in Karl-Marx Allee also lost its windows on February 22, in solidarity with the Bucht and Rigaer 94 under expulsion, claimed by “Political illiterates”.
The week before offices of the left party Die Linke had been fucked up too.

Berlin : windows smashed post-expulsion
French translation by Chronik, 14 February 2021
Every expulsion, every attack by the managers of misery against us, who self-organize, will be avenged. The encampment in Rummelsburg Cove in the Lichtenberg district was one of the places that hindered the plans of the dominant. Real estate projects like the Coral World, but also the big project of the city of the rich which does not tolerate grey areas, non-commercial spaces or visible “poverty”. Through isolation or cosmetic downsizing, social injustices must be relegated to the private sphere, where they may well then develop their devastating effects. Thus, poverty is transformed into misery, and while the privileged enjoy their drinks in the sun, the ex-cluded die of cold or of loneliness, or lie lifeless under the bursts of gunfire in their homes.
This night of February 14, we paid a visit to one of the protagonists in this management of poverty.
The list of attacks on the party premises in 2020 inspired us – it showed the absence of respect towards these so-called representatives of the people. The latter had become intoxicated with their power, with being able, from their desks or their home offices, to cut down forests for the protection of the climate, to order the expulsions of undocumented migrants for the maintenance of human dignity, to plan huts for homeless people for their own protection and send their cops to every corner of the city.
One of those office managers is Sebastian Schlüsselburg, member of the Berlin Commission for internal security and deputy of the Die Linke party in the Berlin-Lichtenberg District. As he slept in his luxury tax-funded accommodation and surely not thinking of the people evicted and robbed by him and his party in Rummelsburg cove, we totally smashed its premises in  Karl-Lade strasse with hammers. His face stuck on the windows still disgusted us when we knocked them down.
Our warmest greetings to the people who spontaneously reacted to the eviction and to those who stoned the town hall of Lichtenberg. Action speaks louder than words!
Full of courage to the expelled!
R.I.P. Maria B., murdered by democratically legitimized cops.