March 12, 2022
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

The next Global Climate Strike takes place on Friday 25th March, and here in Bristol, after the covid hiatus, the Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate are back and hosting a protest: Bristol Strikes Back – Say No to Airport Expansion! They say:

Just like we did back in May and June of 2019, we will again be holding a climate strike against airport expansion!
Despite both 83% of North Somerset residents and North Somerset Council, Bristol City Council, and the West of England Combined Authority all being against airport expansion, the government’s Planning Inspectorate swept in and approved the plans to increase the number of passengers from 8 to 12 million a year.
We will not stand for this – our futures are on the line. Airport expansion would worsen air and noise pollution in communities around it and release even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at a time when we are meant to be decarbonising.
The airport claims they will be net-zero by 2030. They’re completely lying as that figure doesn’t include flights…
We are standing up for our futures and demanding that there is No Airport Expansion!
Join us at 11am on Friday 25th March at College Green! FB event

It’s great to have BristolYS4C back in action organising protests and ramping up the pressure on the Government to actually do something about the ever worsening climate crisis, which their Tory policies are helping to escalate. When BristolYS4C began their Youth Climate Strikes in February 2019 they brought energy and a breath of fresh air to protests, and who can forget their epic event with Greta Thunberg & 30,000 other people just 2 years ago?
BristolYS4C have a small crowdfunder here – please donate if you can to help them hold more events & provide additional materials.

Campaigns & Resources – Against Airport Expansion
Along with BristolYS4C numerous other groups have been campaigning long and hard, the following links include the most active & informative, and will help you understand why airport expansion has to be opposed; the latest on the campaign to reverse the Planning Inspectorate’s absurd decision to overturn the local decision not to allow the airport expansion; and countering the Airport owner’s pro-expansion ‘Greenwash’.
Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN) – coalition of groups providing info, statistics, Inquiry updates and more.
Stop Bristol Airport Expansion – part of BAAN, and a coalition itself – also providing useful background info, fact sheets, campaign info and more.
XR Bristol – have opposed airport expansion from the off, also involved in the above coalitions. The XR Bristol Youth section have held a recent protest at the airport – last Saturday 5th March!
Youth Climate Swarm – the new kids on the block national campaign, along with Bristol YS4C they’ve have held a couple of ‘Climate Swarms’ in Bristol already this year and aren’t shy about disruption, safe in the knowledge that the disruption of the climate crisis will be infinitely worse – read about ‘swarming’!

25th March – Strike! Schools Out! Bring Everyone! Stop Airport Expansion – Make The Politicians Listen & Act!

If the traditional strategies of lobbying, letter-writing & petitions, logical argument, and peaceful protest do not succeed, then we are likely to see a determined campaign of direct action, as attempts to expand the airport are physically resisted. We can expect younger people to be on the frontlines of such protests, which is where they should be – their futures are most at risk!

(all image credits AltBristol)