April 24, 2021
From Global May Day

April 24, 2021

Global May Day 2021 is around the corner. Announce your activities, so they can be listed below.

You can use these channels to submit details on your activities (and May Day reports afterwards):
Global May Day mailing list [globalmayday@lists.riseup.net] | GMD facebook group | Contact form

The following list will be updated continuously:


Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Freiburg will join the main May Day rally in the city and calls on people to join their block: 10:45 am – Platz der Alten Synagoge [sources: freiburg.fau.org | tacker.fr]


Free Workers’ Union (FAU) Hamburg and Industrial Workers’ of the World (IWW) Hamburg call to join the anarchist rally “Are you kidding us? Capitalism is the superspreader” organized by the regional Black-Red May Day alliance. [call in English: schwarzrotererstermai.blogspot.com]

Meeting points:

April 30th in Lübeck:
6:30 pm
Central Station

May Day in Hamburg:
12:30 pm
Emilienstraße (Subway Station)

Source: Globalmayday.net