January 19, 2022
From Radical Glasgow (UK)
            Millions of people use Google Maps, your friendly find the way companion. However, like all large corporations Google tend to work hand and glove with powers that be. With Google’s advance technology, it has now become much more sinister and a tool for the state and its various appendages. Apart from the total surveillance in our towns and cities, cameras in pubs, shops, shopping malls, bus and train station etc., we now have the Google giant capturing your every movement, and making it all available to the state and and its various tentacles. From the sky, from the lamppost, from the corner of a building, from the road, you are being filmed, photographed and logged to assist the state with its endless desire for total control over the population. How do we recover our right to privacy and to roam without being photographed, logged and profiled without your prior consent?


          A mafia boss was arrested in Spain in December after 20 years on the wanted list after Italian anti-mafia cops used Google Street View to confirm their ‘traditional methods’ which led to information that he was running a hairdressing salon, a restaurant and a grocery shop in Galapagar, Spain. To his “How did you find me? It’s been ten years since I even called my family on the phone.” “We saw you on Google Maps”, was the reply.

Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com