Notice of Tech Workers – Sector IT & Telecommunications Association Anarchosyndicalist Initiative for Rosinante Hatzidakis bill The government of optimum returns with a vengeance bill that wants to turn 135 years back labor and our trade union freedoms. The bill is being prepared for a vote after Easter, according to their statements, months after former Labor Minister Vroutsis’ first proposal, which was then approved by the cabinet.

Now Kostis Hatzidakis is called to complete the work of Vroutsis. He is mainly known in the market and as the man without a stamp! Others, of course, may remember him as the minister who celebrated his birthday with a cake depicting himself as a superman next to the public companies he first went bankrupt and then privatized. This man, therefore, brings a bill that attacks the lives of workers in two parallel ways: increasing overtime hours and circumventing our trade union rights and freedoms. It provides the following vulgarly: > elasticity of 8 hours up to 10 hours / day depending on the needs of employers, > promotion of individual employment contracts on flexible terms

> increase of the annual limit of legal overtime to 150, > institutionalization of the teleworking regime with the possibility of “split” distribution of daily working time, > electronic file of union members and their votes, > further obstacles to the declaration of a strike and windows for their announcement illegal, > increase the necessary security staff strike days for some sectors > extension of Sunday work and more Indeed, photographs and particularly our industry, as against giants order you want to make “investments” in the country provided labor and Weekends.

On the one hand, they are building an arena for the unimpeded bleeding of workers, and on the other, they are trying to ensure that the labor force is maintained, making their only collective voice, the unions, illegal. They continue in the reactionary direction of the Katruggalo law and, in conjunction with the recent anti-demonstration legislation, try to outlaw the trade union movement.

8 o’clock is not a slogan! Our workforce is not replenished with hourly pay in the future. At a time when in other countries the discussion about 4-day work opens and that working hours should be reduced, here we are told to surrender soul and body to the appetites of our employers. They are looking for modern slaves, but they will not find them in us! We work to live and we do not live to work!

We are afraid of the worst, because we know very well that they are violating the current legislation: with dismissals of pregnant women, with already unpaid overtime, with demands for 13th and 14th salary returns, suspensions of undeclared contracts and countless other employers’ arbitrariness always with the State !

In these dystopian years the collective organization of the workers is the only weapon we have for the defense of our animals and this is something they know very well, that is why they choose to strike it now. But be sure that the unions will defend themselves and their members and will not accept any dossiers! So let’s state it once again in all tones:

The State is out of our unions and their procedures!

We can not fail to mention also the last accomplice of the State and Capital, which once again gave a great show. The reason of course for GSEE. After first PASKE and DAKE claimed that they have not read the law, later they decided to oppose the proposal of the unions and federations for a strike on May 6, another strike on May 4, which this year will be a holiday due to Easter .

They would be funny if they were not tragic! With its pro-government and employer attitude, the GSEE came not only to whistle indifferently at the abolition of the 8 o’clock, but also to try to sabotage in its own way the labor mobilizations! Of course, we did not expect anything better from the willing employers! They used to act as decorators in the attack we received, now they are only good for painting blue and being thrown into the sea.

Once again, therefore, the need for the establishment of a labor confederation that will serve our interests is urgent!

Even so, the GSEE strike sabotage will fall into the void! Labor centers, federations and primary unions have declared a strike for May 6, among them our union, SETIP!

We open the discussion in every workplace between colleagues about the anachronistic abortion they bring us! We are participating en masse in the strike of May 6 and we demand the immediate withdrawal of the Hatzidaki law!

We are fighting for a sectoral Collective Bargaining Agreement , for a collective negotiation of the value and terms of our work! We bring to the debate the truly modernizing demand for the 21st century: The demand for a reduction in working hours and an increase in wages in a technology industry with profits of many millions of euros, but which are never shared among the working class!

We participate in the General Assembly of SETIP on Sunday, April 25 at 11 am at the Technical University of Zografou, in the central square of NTUA! > We are organized in every place! > We strengthen our union with our voice! > We are fighting for our lives!

Αριστοκράτες που δεν δούλεψαν ποτέ, θέλουν να μας πεθάνουν στην δουλειά! Όλοι/ες στην συνέλευση του ΣΕΤΗΠ στις 25/4!