The colleague F.A. Last summer, he worked on the yacht “Seralia” of the shipowner Nikos Vernikos, as a sailor. N. Vernikos refused to sign his colleague and paid him with a trademark, which is prohibited, since domestic workers, gardeners and other occasional employees are paid with a trademark, but not sailors. As the sole member of the crew, the colleague was responsible for everything (mooring, mooring in ports, external and internal tidiness of the boat, laying of beds, washing dishes, engine room work, etc.), so he worked up to 14 hours the day the boat was chartered. And after the work was done, Vernikos had no reason to hire additional staff, despite the constant protests of his colleague. As if all this were not enough, when it came time to pay,

The icing on the cake was that Vernikos, breaking the agreement, did not even cover his colleague’s food expenses, forcing him to pay out of pocket for his food in the ports. In other words, devastating naval work from morning to night, constant readiness for security reasons, epic when the family wanted to take a bath and at night in the port, from the daily wage of 30 euros, to give half for food! This is Vernikos’ vision for the future of work and “growth”.

The colleague finally endured for two months and then resigned. Colleagues in the industry as well as those working in tourism can understand exactly what we are talking about, since most have felt such behaviors in their skin.

In a world where shipowners dream of employees who will say thank you for their pocket money and sailors who will insure them as domestic helpers. As true “patriots”, they want sailors – locals and non-locals alike – to work unpaid in galley conditions, we will be there to ruin their dreams.

I know my rights as an employee!

I organize myself against the monster of capital and exploitation!


Source: Awsm.nz