March 2, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

Greece. March 10, 2010 – The assassination of Lambros Fountas by armed guards has been indelibly marked in the history of the domestic revolutionary and class struggle. It is a day of remembrance that emits its own symbolism and inspires old and new generations of fighters. It is a milestone in the resistance to the modern tyranny of markets and memoranda, to capitalism and the state in general.

10/4/2014 – The bombing by Revolutionary Struggle of the BoG-ECB-IMF and the assumption of responsibility as “COMMAND LAMBROS FOUNTAS.”

11 years later, March 2021: The continuation of the Struggle for the revolutionary perspective until the complete destruction of the State as a mechanism of class domination of capital and bureaucracy is the only way.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

On Wednesday, March 3, 2021, the appellate court of the Third Trial of Revolutionary Struggle with the accused Pola Roupa is continuing in the special court of Korydallos prison. In the court of first instance – it is known – that she was sentenced to life imprisonment and 26 years for the attack of the organization with 75 kg of explosives on April 10, 2014 at the Supervision Department of the Bank of Greece, which houses the office of the Permanent Representative of the International Monetary Fund Hellas. On February 11, 2021 (in the previous trial), Pola Roupa complained that the court of first instance falsified / altered the minutes of testimony of essential witnesses-employees of the BoG who all proved the deliberate “oligarchy” of both their prosecuting authorities, putting them at risk. The bosses of the BoG as well as the managers of Piraeus Bank, which was also hit by the Revolutionary Struggle, despite the fact that there had been 2 warning phone calls from the organization, urging to evacuate the buildings of these 2 organizations and the buildings around America Street. Due to her constant transfers she does not have the decisions and minutes of the first instance court in her hands (as well as her personal belongings, at a time when she is constantly transferred, as it was the same day after the trial and the car accident that followed with the transfer cage). In fact, she is currently in Thebes and probably will not attend the court on 3/3 (a relevant text will follow).

The bombing by Revolutionary Struggle in the BoG-ECB-IMF and the assumption of responsibility as “COMMAND LAMBROS FOUNTAS.”

After their release in October 2011, at the end of 18 months, comrades N. Maziotis and P. Roupa went “illegal,” continuing the revolutionary struggle, action and strategy of the organization that had been prepared in 2008 by Revolutionary Struggle, and were at the forefront of the systemic crisis. This strategy aimed to hit the infrastructure of the supranational and local capital, institutions and persons responsible for the crisis and the rescue policy of the system. This attack was a response to the ongoing social and class war (and is being carried out in a more comprehensive way in the current socio-political situation) against the Greek people from 2010 onwards, with the imposition of the so-called “memoranda” by the Greek state and supranational capital through the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, the European Central Bank. It was a politically correct action that struck not only a mechanism of imposition, looting and destruction on the social majority by the supranational capital, such as the Bank of Greece, which operated as a branch of the European Central Bank (based in Frankfurt), but also hit the headquarters of Piraeus Bank, which, benefiting from the imposition of “memoranda,” had become one of the largest Greek systemic banks and was one of the protagonists in social looting. In this war, too, institutions such as the European Central Bank, the Bank of Greece and its constituents are criminals of social / class war. The same goes for the other institutions, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund. The same goes for all governments, regardless of political affiliation. The policy of saving the system and the Greek economy did not concern (and does not concern) the social majority, except the big capital; it concerns the supranational ruling class and the powerful creditors of the country, it concerns the structures and institutions of globalized capitalism, it concerns the states and the political staff in Greece and in Europe, concerns all kinds of lackeys of the regime that support it. It concerns an infamous minority of Greek society and not those who paid and are paying with blood the salvation of the system from the crisis, that is, the majority of the people.

The attack on the Bank of Greece, on April 10, 2014, was chosen to take place on the same day that the Greek state, after five years of blockade, went to the markets to borrow, thus receiving the reward for the social genocide policy implemented in recent years – from ‘10 onwards – by neo-liberal fascists of the Troika and the Greek state. It was a welcome response to the representative of the imposition of the most extreme neoliberal policies and austerity imposed in Europe, to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who would come the next day to reward the “success” of the Greek experiment, caressing the ears of the government.

In this war, the Revolutionary Struggle had taken a clear political stance and with its attack on the Bank of Greece sent a message of resistance / political response to the criminal policy of mass social liquidation of the surplus population and surplus labor force, those who the system does not need and throws them in the trash, considering them unnecessary. It was a political response to the violence and terrorism of the state-capitalist power complex. It was a political response of EA [Revolutionary Struggle] and by assuming the political responsibility of the energy as “Commando Lambros Fountas” 4 years after the murder of the comrade member of the organization by armed guards on March 10, 2010 in a preparatory action of EA in Daphne, showed that despite the repression, the continuation of the Struggle for the revolutionary perspective until the complete destruction of the State as a mechanism of class domination of capital and bureaucracy is the only way.

This is reflected not only in the action and in the proclamations of the Revolutionary Struggle – as well as in the proclamation of this particular attack – but also after all these years that the comrades are in prison. In fact, in this announcement, among others, they submitted a political program / platform of positions that promotes the overthrow of Capital as an economic system and the destruction of the State as a mechanism of class domination of capital and bureaucracy. They put forward positions and proposals that a revolutionary movement must have to overthrow them. While in the years they are prisoners of the state they wrote the brochure * ‘‘FOR THE OVERCOMING OF THE STATE AND CAPITAL-FOR A CONFEDERAL STATE CLASS-ORGANIZATION” -for replacing the state and capital with a confederal social organization of economic equality, political freedom and solidarity without exploitation and oppression.


(* PS the comrades, either individually or collectively, who are interested in receiving the brochure while contributing to the financial support of the comrades, can contact