March 1, 2021
From Act For Freedom

Pallini area, near Athens For D. Koufontinas
As a minimum sign of solidarity in the fight carried out by the fighter D. Koufontinas, having reached today, Sunday 28/2/21, 52-days hunger strike and 6 days thirst strike, with the immediate danger of losing his life now visible, we posted some solidarity banners at various points of Pallini area in recent days. In this last battle he is giving we stand wholeheartedly next to him.



 Not to allow, as part of the new authoritarian normality, the death of a hunger striker (Ag. Paraskevi area in Athens)
by Open Assembly of residents of Agios Paraskevi
Immediate satisfaction of the request of the hunger and thirst striker Dimitris Koufontinas

We are going through critical times in the life of the hunger and thirst striker Dimitris Koufontinas, under the responsibility of the N.D. government that is vindictively exterminating a prisoner because he is its political opponent.
We held today at noon 28/02 together with comrades and fellow residents a rally of protest and support of his request, in Agia Paraskevi square and Mesogeion Avenue, as well as a neighbourhood march of about 60 people, stating that we will not accept, as part of the new authoritarian normality, the death of a hunger striker.
The democratically vindictive police forces, after the end of the march, indulged in checks and fines of the people for suspicion of participating in a march, ordered by GADA, and not for protection from the pandemic.
For an immediate solution to his request with the transfer of Koufontina to Korydallos!
Open Assembly of Residents of Agia Paraskevi


Taking responsibility Thessaloniki on 27/2/21
Wanting to add another moment of attack to those that have taken place in the last month and fill us with strength and courage, in the early hours of Sunday 27/2 we chose to place an incendiary device in a personal military vehicle located in the centre of Thessaloniki.
It is a fact that all States exert vengeance against the internal enemy, that is, the fighters who fight in class antagonisms, and State violence. It is also known that in the case of the revolutionary D. Koufontina we are not only talking about the formal and structural austerity of States against militants, since here there is a personal attitude on the part of the bourgeois Mitsotaki colossus towards the figure of the revolutionary.
For this reason, abolishing all notions of the “civil rule of law”, they passed a photographic law according to which the comrade should be transferred from the rural prisons where he was previously held to Korydallos prison. However, they were not satisfied there either, since, tearing up even their own revenge law, they kidnapped him overnight and transferred him to Domokou prison instead of Korydallos, where he had been serving his sentence from the beginning.
Against the wishes and aspirations of the bourgeoisie and the government, prisoners and detainees have rights that have been won through blood-soaked struggles. The only “special treatment” for Koufontina against the government’s ridiculous narrative concerns the cutting of his licenses and his continued torture by the Greek State and the American embassy.
Koufontinas, a hunger striker from 8/1, claims the implementation of the revenge law anyway. With the hunger strike, with his political course, with his constant refusal to renounce armed struggle, with his action, his speech and his revolutionary ethics, his struggle has already been won, since he has illuminated with stubbornness, perseverance, smiles, pain, defeats and victories the consciences of all those who stand on the right side of the barricade, namely the poor, the immigrant women, the thieves, the invisible and the persecuted. Wanting to add another moment of attack to those that have taken place in the last month and filled us with strength and courage, in the early hours of Sunday 27/2 we chose to place an incendiary device in a personal military vehicle located in the centre of Thessaloniki. This text does not intend to explain the role of the army and the police as mechanisms of support for the bourgeois, guarding their privileges from the wrath of the proletarians and we will not expand further. We call on the world of struggle to reflect on the condition that is being formed for the working class and to make all the moves necessary for its organization and counterattack.
PS: This attack is dedicated to Kyriakos Evaggelou who ended his life by diving into the void as a result of the unbearable psychological pressure exerted on him by senior officers during his term.
Anarcho-communist anti-militarist initiative


Athens,Barrage attack in the area Paleo Faliro
from a
In the early hours of Sunday 28/2 we chose to attack multiple capitalist targets in the area of ​​Paleo Faliro. These attacks were made in solidarity with the hunger striker from 8/1 and thirst from 22/2, Dimitris Koufontinas.
Specifically, we attacked by breaking the facades of the following stores on El. Venizelou Street:
  • Adidas
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Biomedicine
  • Eurobank
  • Factory Outlet
  • Funky Buddha
  • Intersport
On the one hand, these movements are acts of political support for the hunger and thirst strike, pieces in the mosaic of multifaceted actions that have been taking place lately, while on the other hand, they constitute a minimal part of the social anti-virus of  ‘below’ against the State and bosses.


Hacking of the official website of New Democracy
The hours are counting down for the life of the fighter Dimitris Koufontinas.
As a minimal sign of solidarity we chose to take the official website of New Democracy on 28/2 at 16:00, while access to the page has not yet been restored.
The political prisoner Dimitris Koufontinas, who has been on hunger strike for 50 days and is now on thirst, is only demanding the implementation of the law. Time is running out and the government’s revenge stance does not seem to be shifting a minimum. The political prisone, already punished by the civil rule of law, is slowly and torturously led to death.
WE DEMAND IMMEDIATE SATISFACTION of his self-evident and legal request for transfer to Korydallos prison.
THE DEATH of a hunger striker is also the DEATH of YOUR “DEMOCRACY”.
The Mitsotakis government is solely responsible for what happens from now on.
Anarchist hackers


(Messolonghi Down, western Greece) Back ruffians, Forward for life / Solidarity to Dimitris Koufontinas

As part of solidarity actions with the fighter Dimitris Koufontinas on Sunday 21/2, an intervention was made with leaflets and slogans in the centre of the city, while on Saturday 27/2 a rally was held on Charilaou Trikoupi and banners were hung. We are not going to be silent, we are not going to bend in the face of the impending State assassination of the hunger-thirst striker. We are not intimidated by repression, fines, sheriff threats, security guards lurking in our neighbourhoods. Cops, judges, politicians, public figures, you will not find shelter to hide. Power to those who with stubbornness and self-denial fight against any form of power.


Dimitris Koufontinas continues until justification or death
28/02/2021 4:16 pm
The anesthesiologist-intensivist Katerina Douzepi, doctor of the choice of Dimitris Koufontinas, visited today the hunger and thirst striker in the ICU of the General Hospital, Lamia. In a phone call we had with her, she told us the following:
  1. Dimitris Koufontinas is obviously emaciated and depressed, but he has complete clarity and states that he is determined to continue until the end, whatever that is. “I do not want to die, but given the situation, they leave me no choice,” he said.
  2. When the doctor pointed out that stopping the antibiotic would lead to a recurrence of the infection, he replied that this was his decision and he insisted on it.
  3. His doctor explained the enormous dangers of the thirst strike. Since our body is 70% water, damage to the brain and heart occurs more quickly and is more serious. They can be irreversible or even death. Dimitris Koufontinas told her that he does not want to become a burden to his family or the movement, carrying permanent damage that will occur after a recovery. That is why he told the ICU doctors – as well as his family – that if he loses contact with the environment, he does not want to be resuscitated . His concern is to ensure that his will is respected by doctors.
  4. Katerina Douzepi confirms that the ICU doctors have not performed any medical operation without the will of the hunger and thirst striker (we remind you that this was confirmed yesterday, in a telephone conversation).
  5. Finally, the doctor told us that he considers unacceptable the presence of uniformed police officers in the vestibule of the ICU, inside the Unit. Her colleagues told her that this happens every time a detainee is admitted to the ICU, but this fact is still unacceptable, not only for ethical reasons (not only detainees but also other patients are treated in the ICU), but also for medical reasons.
Our communication with the doctor had just been completed, when we were informed about the unanimous decision issued by the General Assembly of OENGE. We emphasize the unanimity, because it means that DAKE also agreed (the president of DAKE Iatron and president of EINAP, Matina Pagoni, is the first vice-president of OENGE). The announcement is as follows:
Announcement of OG OENGE, 28/2/21
The General Assembly of OENGE returns regarding the hunger strike of the convict D. Koufontina
  1. We remind you that the exercise of therapeutic acts against the will of any patient is unacceptable and that forced feeding is considered torture. We support the colleagues of the ICU of Lamia Hospital who adhere to medical ethics.
  2. D. Koufontinas has been finally judged for the acts and has been irrevocably convicted. Today what is being judged is his right to a dignified and equal treatment. We call on the government to respect its demand for fair treatment so that we do not have the death of a hunger striker in our country after decades.
We remind you that in December 2014, the neo-democratic president of PIS M. Vlastarakos, on the occasion of the prosecutorial pressure for the doctors to “break” the hunger strike of Nikos Romanos, stated: “The will of the patient is above and above the supreme duty of the doctor for his recovery and salvation . The World Association of Physicians also states in the Malta Declaration that the principle of charity urges physicians to resuscitate, but respect for the autonomy of each individual deters physicians from intervening when a refusal has been given in a credible and fully informed manner .
So, yesterday’s provocation (by order from above) of the commander of the General Staff falls into the void. Lamia , who issued the announcement on “taking all appropriate measures and necessary medical-pharmaceutical actions to deal with the consequences of the multi-day refusal to take food and, finally, fluids.” An announcement was written to pave the way for Mitsotakis to declare after a few hours that “all possible medical care is provided to the convict”.
We recently contacted the commander of the General Staff. Lamia Andrea Kolokytha. “If it’s about the known issue, I will not talk” was his first reaction. When we pointed out to him that with his announcement yesterday he was exposed, our phone hung up! We do not need to comment. Do you understand…
Dimitris Koufontinas continues: until justification or death. He does not make a “suicide threat”, as Mitsotakis vaguely stated through his Press Office. He wants to live, but not letting him be treated like human garbage. Because that’s how they treat him. And this is not just what we say, but now even conservative lawyers say it. KINAL also said this at yesterday’s event of its spokesperson.
As long as they do not satisfy his just and legitimate request, they leave him no choice but to walk with dignity and pride until death. If the Mitsotakis government does not do what is legal and just, if it does not listen to those who put the issue on a purely humanitarian basis, a state assassination will be charged and Mitsotakis himself will always carry the stigma of the politician who killed with the logic of a Sicilian mafia. a political opponent, imprisoned. He will carry the assassination of Dimitris Koufontinas, as his father carried the “apostasy” of 1965. Let him make his decisions. Koufontinas has taken his own.