March 3, 2021
From Act For Freedom

video of the action
In a time of pandemic, in a murderous State, which has chosen not to waste a single euro on health, children, transportation and that would help society against the virus but to give millions to cops, the army and of course the main pillars and its supporters (channels, shipowners and industrialists).
The same junta State is assassinating the revolutionary militant Dimitris Koufontinas, disobeying the photographic law that they made and determined to avenge the militant’s action and the historical legacy he has left. For our part, we will not allow such a thing.
Finally, let us say here that your police force does not touch us at all and that if Dimitris Koufontinas is assassinated, such actions will become your daily routine.
ps:  Quiet cities burn beautifully.

via: athens.indymedia.

Translated by Act for freedom now!