October 20, 2020
From International Confederation Of Labour

On October 12, GWTUC reached an agreement with Dragon Group’s management. This puts an end to several months of union action against the company. As is widely known, thousands of workers were owed unpaid wages and subsidies. During the past months, they conducted a determined struggle, organizing numerous actions. At the same time, international solidarity spread to many countries (https://www.icl-cit.org/solidarity-with-dragon-group-workers-spreads-across-the-globe/).

The agreement was signed by the union and representatives of the bosses, the government and the company owners. It means they now accept that these amounts are owed to the workers, something they had refused to do until now. They will also make regular payments over a period of time, until the figures indicated in the text are reached. The workers have also made concessions, as they have settled for a lower amount than they were originally owed.

Following the signing of the agreement, GWTUC have asked their international comrades to halt the solidarity actions for the time being. The union will closely monitor that the agreement is respected and will take action again if any irregularities are detected.

ICL is a federalist organisation. The workers on the ground are the ones making the decisions, with full autonomy, regarding their struggles. The International only coordinates the support that other sections and contacts can offer in this endeavour. The initiative always lies with the workers involved in the conflict, as must be.

Therefore, in response to the GWTUC’s request, we call on all unions, groups and organisations that have already demonstrated their solidarity with the Dragon Group’s comrades, to remain alert in case the agreement is not respected. As we already told the company once, ICL is not a neutral body or an impartial arbitrator. We will always stand by the workers, in Bangladesh and around the world, ready and willing to respond to their demands, as is the case now.

the original agreement signed by all parties involved

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