April 9, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         So Prince Philip has died, no doubt there will be thousands eager to get in the picture by outpourings of adulation. Adulation for a man who was recognised as from a family well connected to the Nazi regime. His many public remarks were at best rude, but often seen as upper class snobbery with hints of racism. Of course never having been in his company who am I to judge, but I can form the opinion that he was a pompous pampered, privileged, parasite. who done very well for himself at the expense of the tax payer. Those with a grain of intelligence and some rationale, realise that the picture created of the whole royal entourage is an illusion. They are a ruthless family of very rich people who have never done a days work in their lives yet wallow in unimaginable splendour and opulence, none of it earned. Their wealth is gleaned from the spoils of imperialism and the enslavement of millions of indigenous peoples. Even today, if you die without a will, your estate goes to the Queen, unless you lived in the land commandeered under the Duchy of Cornwall, then your estate goes to Prince Charles. A nice little earn over the years.

The Duke at one of his favourite pastimes, killing wild life. He bagged a lot.

         The following film is not new, and is a bit on the long side, but is well worth sitting through, especially at this time of media wall to wall coverage of what a wonderful a man was the Duke of Edinburgh. 

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