November 15, 2021
From Idavox

Appalled at the fact that this character killed a dog – and how? Oh, hell yes! But his depravity just became a treasure trove of info about Charles E. Smith III and Lauren “Luck” Duren!

CHICAGO, IL – A Hammerskin and South Bay Skin, Charles E. Smith III, was arrested and charged with Aggravated Cruelty to Animals for brutally killing his girlfriend’s 12 week old puppy.

Charles’ girlfriend, reputed neo-Nazi Lauren “Luck” Duren, came home from work and found Charles naked bent over on his hands and knees crushing the 5 pound puppy. The post-mortem exam posted online revealed that the dog had suffered multiple broken bones, lung damage, intestine damage, and other wounds concluding the puppy died from blunt force trauma. It was also reported that Smith had threatened to bite the dog’s ear off earlier that day and beat the dog with a broomstick causing it to break the day before per the Chicago Tribune.

Charles and Lauren’s fascist ties were left out of the news reports but were quick to be pointed out on social media where Charles was ousted as a member of the Hammerskins and South Bay Skinheads and Luaren’s history of affiliating with skinheads in organizations like Combat 18 and crews like the 211 Bootboys was pointed out.

Charles can be identified as being a member of the Hammerskins by the Hammerskin patch on the chest of his jacket as well as his cross hammer tattoo on his hand. Hammerskins are one of the largest Neo-Nazi Skinhead organizations in the U.S. and have a notoriously violent reputation. Many Hammerskins have been convicted of assault, rape, murder, and one Hammerskin, Wade Page, was the perpratator in the mass shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin where he killed 6 people.

The South Bay Skins are violent Peckerwood Crew from South Bay L.A. who were reported to have been among the DIY Division (now known as the Rise Above Movement) members who attacked journalists and protestors at a Huntington Beach MAGA rally in 2017. Charles often posts pictures of himself using the South Bay Skin’s hand sign as seen above. He also uses “585” to reference the South Bay Skins which is leetspeak for SBS, the initials of South Bay Skins. 

Charles was also an attendee at the infamous 2016 NYC Oi! Fest that was cancelled after the second night when the venue, The Santos Party House owned by Andrew W.K., was shut down. While at Oi! Fest Charles appeared in a picture throwing the South Bay Skin hand sign with known Batallion 49 skinhead members. Battalion 49 skins are violent facscist skinhead crew closely associated with the 211 Bootboys

Screenshot from video footage of Irv participating in the Proud Boy’s Gang assault

In the picture with Charles, is Irvin “Uno” Antillon who was at Charlottesville in 2017 and was arrested for participating in the Proud Boy’s gang assault on October 12th when the NYC Metropolitan Republican Club hosted by the Proud Boy’s founder, Gavin McInnes.

Charles moved to Chicago from Huntington Beach to live with his girlfriend, Lauren “Luck” Duren, who is a widely known White Supremacist around Chicago’s punk and skin scene. The couple were originally living in the Logan Square area before being driven out of the neighborhood by a flyering campaign by antifascists. The flyering campaign by antifascists resulted in Charles and Lauren being banned from bars throughout the Logan Square area. It also forced Lauren and Charles to have to move and relocate to Rogers Park on the far Northside..

On August 8th Charles was arrested at Lauren’s current apartment in Roger’s Park, 321 W. Estes Ave, for Domestic Battery

Meet Neo-Nazi Lauren “Luck” Duren

Lauren has also developed a widespread negative reputation around the Chicago punk scene and bar scene for racist comments, association with Neo-Nazi’s, aggressive behavior, and embarrassing herself after getting overtly drunk which has contributed to her being personally banned fromeven  more bars.

We do know  Lauren’s last known employer is ADT Security where she built a nasty reputation with her customer  base. One customer complained of Lauren’s aggressive behavior  when she continuously tried to contact them. Lauren eventually then came to their house “uninvited” and cursed the customer out after the customer asked her to stop contacting them.

Lauren’s aggressive and reckless behavior has also created quite a record for her. In 2019 Lauren was arrested for Domestic Battery and has been arrested multiple times on DUI charges since 2016.

Charles isn’t the first Neo-Nazi skinhead Lauren has dated. Lauren also dated a member of the 211 Bootboys in New York and partied with the Bootboys and Battalion 49 members on 4th of July, 2019. Lauren’s instagram photo of the 211 Bootboys included Battalion 49 members Irv and Willie, who were pictured with Charles at OI Fest 2016. 

The 211 Bootboys are a violent ultranationalist hate group from New York. They made headlines in 2017 when seven members viciously attacked two brothers at a bar with knives and brass knuckles because one brother had an antifascist sticker on his phone. The 211 Bootboys also run the United Riot record label which organizes shows for pro-Nazi skinhead bands like Oxblood and Combat 49. United Riot would tag Lauren in many of their Facebook posts while Lauren was in a relationship with one of the 211 Bootboys. The guy she seemed to be with the most in New York was Paul Oxblood of the fascist skinhead band, the Oxbloods who she is pictured with in Paul’s Facebook photo.

Prior to dating one of the 211 Bootboys, Lauren also dated Jon Argumedo who was a member of Combat 18. Combat 18 is a militant Neo-Nazi organization with ties to Blood & Honor who have carried out multiple attacks and murders on immigrants and have been suspect in one assination in Germany. Jon was also reported to be apart of a group who was placing razor blades behind Neo-Nazi stickers in the Jefferson Park Neighborhood of Chicago.

Lauren may try to act like a fence sitter and deny she’s a Nazi but her history and continued friendships with exposed Neo-Nazi’s says otherwise. Since dating Charles and moving him to Chicago with her, Lauren has acted as the middle person introducing and connecting Charles with other Chicago area Neo-Nazis like Sean Dolan, who is standing with Charles in front of a Combat 18 flag. Lauren’s continued networking of violent Neo-Nazi’s is a danger to the communities she lives in.

Charles isn’t the only animal killer that Lauren has become associated with. Over the summer Lauren, Charles, and Sean Dolan were caught hanging out on the Northside with Axel Salemi who was arrested in 2015 and charged with Aggravated Cruelty to Animals after he killed a 7 week old kitten with his bare hands during a fight with his sister over a bong. 

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Rest in Peace Bailey

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Rest in Peace Bailey

Overall, Neo-Nazi’s like Lauren Duren has no business owning or being around animals when she hangs around with violent Nazi’s who abuse and kill animals. Keep your pets away from these Nazi psychopaths and stay safe Chicago.