March 2, 2021
From Anarchist Black Cross Federation

Greetings everyone: 
Mail going into and out of the prison seems to be subject to long delays. After a month in transit, we received a health and legal update from Dr. Shakur that you can read on his website. As always, he cannot personally respond to every letter, but he is receiving mail. Everyone in his prison was also just given a memo about new mail restrictions, initiated by the Trump administration, that are to go into effect in all federal prisons. The essential difference is that all mail will be sent to an outside ‘Smart Communications’ facility where it is scanned and it will have to read on kiosks in the prison. We hope that this change is reversed by the current administration before it is initiated, but if it is not Dr. Shakur might soon not be able to receive photos and greeting cards.

The legal and health update in sum is that he was notified last month that he was denied parole after the hearing in October. Our legal team immediately appealed the decision on multiple grounds, and is actively exploring other avenues to argue for Dr. Shakur’s release. He seems to have mostly recovered from both the stem cell transplant for the stage 4 bone cancer as well as from COVID that he contracted shortly thereafter. He is a strong man! Unfortunately, we know that this cancer is incurable and COVID can recur, so we are continuing the struggle to free him from prison just as hard if not moreso. We appreciate that people are moved by the film ‘Dope is Death’ and want to know how to lend support! We thank everyone who has been donating online as it helps us make sure that all of Mutulu’s needs, legal and otherwise, are met. Another way to support him right now is to share this graphic on social media with your thoughts on the film, how learning about his case affected you, etc. If you are unable to download the image from this email you can do so on the website:

Lastly, we want to share the news with our extended family that Sid Wilson, close friend of Mutulu and former director of FFMS, has joined the ancestors. He passed in peace in Ghana, as he wanted to transition. Contributions to aid his journey may be sent by PayPal to or CashApp to $wonderfulbless.
Stay in the struggle,
Family & Friends of Mutulu Shakur