February 19, 2021
From Anarchist-Communism

We are a small group of anarchist and libertarian communists who intend to produce a publication covering the broad topic of healthcare provision in the UK.

We want to take a look at the structure and provision of healthcare now, how it might be run in a communist future, and discuss possibilities for the transition between the two. As well as this we want to take a look at some examples where this has been tried, or places that have something for us to learn from.

Rather than just reports on healthcare struggles we would like analysis, critical reflections, strategic overviews, and thought-provoking writing that comes from a revolutionary anti-capitalist perspective.

Although anyone can submit a piece we would particularly like articles from people that work in healthcare, or have experience of different models of healthcare organisation and provision.

If you have a topic you think fits with what we’ve said we encourage you to get in touch, either for a chat about what you might write, or by submitting a short summary of your idea via email to commie_health@protonmail.com

Please feel free to circulate this call-out.

Source: Anarchistcommunism.org