The onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic saw much social resistance to the conditions faced by so-called frontline workers during the period of containment. Among the various sectors of the workforce mobilised to defend their physical integrity in the face of the failure of their employers (private or state) to provide them with sufficient personal protective equipment, nurses (and orderlies) showed a high level of combativeness whether in New York, Johannesburg or Seoul. Everywhere, the same demands were put forward on their working and transport conditions, as well as the issue of wages and staff shortages. The modes of action have often been the same : rallies, demonstrations, right of withdrawal and even strikes. Sometimes trade union organisations have filed legal complaints against the authorities for endangering the lives of others. These movements were often violently repressed : threats, dismissals, lay-offs, brutal police interventions. In public or private hospitals, trade union organisations have been at the forefront of these struggles. In order to offer a panorama of these mobilisations we have extracted from the Social Ephemeris of a pandemic published in Covid-19, a very political virus , these social chronicles affecting the health sector, outside France, which we have updated to 8 June.

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8 June 2020

Patrick Le Tréhondat