February 14, 2021
From IWW Dorset (UK)

Heathrow Workers Power

Heathrow suffered further strain over Christmas heading into the new year. First with the discovery of the new Covid variant in the lead up to Christmas, which caused countries to ban flights from the UK. Secondly, the government’s removal of safe travel corridors on the 18th January meant much tighter restrictions on all passengers in and out of the airport. With the imminent imposition of new quarantine rules on travellers to the UK, forcing them to stay in hotels at their own expense on arrival, the aviation industry has its back against the wall.

Aviation’s track record on safety has been pretty dismal so far. Even though passenger numbers have fallen drastically (73% lower in 2020), reports of overcrowding in terminals is raising fears that the airport is a super-spreader event waiting to happen. [1] Social distancing in airports is proving difficult. A plane of 300 people would require a…

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