May 3, 2021
From The Free

The Bristol Activist

Saturday’s Kill The Bill protest ended with a show of force from Avon & Somerset Police.

After the main Kill The Bill protest, Bristol’s thirteenth, had ended on College Green at around 21:30, a small group of around 50 protesters marched back through the centre and to a squatted building on High Street.

Group of around 25 people marching from College Green
The crowd leaves College Green

Here they stood in the road and outside the squatted building, which is at number 39-40 High Street, while music was played from inside.

A statement from A&S Police claims that police encouraged people to disperse, however there was no sign of this on the ground.

At 22:00, around 40 riot police were deployed from six police vans at the junction of High Street and Baldwin Street. Many protesters left the area at this point, leaving around two dozen.

Riot police were targeted with bottles and other missiles from some protesters. There…

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