February 22, 2021
From Anarchist Black Cross Federation

Via The Jamal Journal

We are excited to release issue #1 of our newly restarted newspaper. The Jamal Journal was last published in the mid-1990s by the uncompromising International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal (ICFFMAJ).

We have begun a 48 hour fundraising to print as many newspapers as we can. If we can raise $3000, we will be able to print 15,000 copies this week and still have over $500 for postage costs. If you donate $10 we will send you a newspaper. If you donate $50 or more, we will also send you a gift copy of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s new book, Murder Incorporated, Vol. 3: Perfecting Tyranny.

Donate at www.bit.ly/JamalJournal

Click here to read the 40 page newspaper
Click here to read the petition
Click here to read Pam Africa’s Message to the Movement
Click here to read the interview with Johanna Fernandez about Kenneth Freeman

Source: Abcf.net