March 3, 2021
From Center For Stateless Society

There’s an effort underway to digitize and catalog the writings of Samuel Edward Konkin III, founder of the Agorist movement. While some of his work is preserved in publications, there’s a lot that hasn’t been digitized or even organized yet and Victor Korman has taken on the project. Here’s a bit on what’s in the archive from the GoFundMe description:

All of these are a treasure trove of emails, articles, research, and original PageMaker documents that trace the development of Agorist theory, with lively exchanges between Sam and such luminaries as Murray Rothbard, Bob Kephart, Tibor Machan, Sharon Presley, David Nolan, Wendy McElroy, Lew Rockwell, James J. Martin, Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson, and many others….

In addition, I possess the original videotapes and audiotapes that I recorded for courses he taught at The Agorist Institute and speeches he gave elsewhere in the late 1980s, which need to be converted from VHS and audiocassette to digital video and lossless digital audio formats.

As you can see this is quite the undertaking, and Koman is raising funding to help with the process as well as bring attention to the project. Click here or below to donate now!