October 8, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

St. Paul’s based Hidden Corner Cafe is known for providing a safe space for LGBTQ+ and POC communities in Bristol. However, the future of the space is very much in doubt;

Hidden corner cafe in St. Paul’s has been such an incredible space for local Bristol community. A queer poc ran bookstore, that locals use. They are facing an unfair eviction – by landlords with no connection to the community.

There’s a gofundme out to support the cafe with legal costs;

When the pandemic hit, Aaron and Sophia channeled their life savings into the Hidden Corner Cafe to provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ and POC communities in Bristol.
They have since been the target of a campaign of abuse by landlords wishing to gentrify Bristol further.
Despite paying the rent on time and being peaceful tenants, on 4 October Sophia arrived at the cafe to find the doors chained shut and an illegal eviction notice pinned to the door.
Hundreds of pounds worth of stock is locked inside, along with some of Aaron and Sophia’s personal possessions.
This Crowdfunder has been set up to help two of the best people I know tackle mounting legal costs caused by this injustice. Please donate if you can to help keep Hidden Corner Cafe in the community.

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Source: Alternativebristol.com