June 30, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

       Most of my adult life I have always resented the fact that those organisations which believe in magic and men going up into the sky on a horse and a man having died coming back down from the sky to speak to some of his friends, get more privileges and protection from the establishment than ordinary rational based organisations. Likewise I have always believed that we will never be free until every Rabbi, priest, minister, mullah and any other variety of magical visionaries have been banished to the solitude of their own backsides. I have also longed for the day when every church, chapel, synagogue mosque and any other symbol of the magic brigade is turned into a sports centre, community autonomous space, dancehall, or some other such useful establishment for the locals, free from the idiotic ramblings of that group of insane known as the religious.
      All religions are steeped in blood they persecute those who don’t swallow their magic balderdash, they slaughter each other trying to prove that their loving god is more loving than the others. Their history is on catalogue of killing for power and converts.
      So you can imaging that I shed no tears after reading of the burning of churches and I understand the anger, but I shed tears for the savage brutality brought down on the children caught up in their maniacal drive for converts to their hocus-pocus magic rituals.

       Two new churches were burned down on Saturday 26 June on native territories in western Canada, bringing the total number of churches burned to four, since the discovery of a thousand unmarked graves near former residential schools run by the Catholic Church in British Columbia.
       In the early hours of Saturday, St. Ann’s Church and Chopaka Church, both located on strips of aboriginal land in British Columbia, were burned within an hour of each other, federal police said. “Both churches were destroyed,” said Sgt. Jason Bayda of the Canadian Mounted Police in a statement. 

      The fires occurred two days after news broke of the discovery of more than 750 unmarked graves on the site of a former Catholic Church-run residential school in Marieval. Last month, the identification of the remains of 215 children near another such school had already shocked and outraged the country, illustrating the ordeal suffered for decades by indigenous children in schools run by the Catholic Church. 

Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com